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Consumers Are About to Get a Taste of the Future with Salmon Fillets Made From Spirulina Algae

Israeli food-tech startup, SimpliiGood by AlgaeCore Technologies appears ready to send a clear message to the alternative protein sector with the imminent consumer launch of the core ingredients to produce salmon fillets made from spirulina algae. They already have produced prototype spirulina mince, nuggets, sausages and chicken fillet.

Pure spirulina gives a smoke-cured salmon fillet a delicious, natural flavour, texture, and colour. Boasting about 40% protein, the product is free of ocean pollutants, artificial ingredients, fillers, and allergens.

SimpliiGood spirulina salmon fillets

Source: SimpliiGood/AlgaeCore - Cooked Salmon Fillet

In a social post, Baruch Dach, CTO and Founder of AlgaeCore, says the company is ramping up the distribution of its spirulina ingredient. "For those just tuned in .. this is special because unlike working with denatured plant proteins Spirulina brings innate texture and bite, higher nutritional values (up to x2 protein and iron), zero off-flavors, great functionality and thermal behavior, clean label and as much as x10 lower environmental footprint", says Baruch Dach.

It requires the simplest manufacturing equipment to make - these samples were made without energy intensive or scale limited techniques like extrusion or printing, says the company.

This protein breakthrough leverages spirulina's high protein and iron content, clean label, and minimal environmental footprint, offering a versatile base for a variety of food products, from mince to nuggets, sausages, and now, a salmon fillet alternative.

Simpliigood Smoked Salmon Fillet

Source: Simpliigood/AlgaeCore Smoked Salmon

SimpliiGood and AlgaeCore's innovation is not only attracting attention for its potential to disrupt the alternative fish and meat market but also for its contribution to environmental sustainability.

The salmon industry's significant environmental and collateral damage underscores the urgent need for alternatives such as this spirulina-based fillet. By leveraging spirulina's rapid growth cycle and high bioavailability, SimpliiGood is raising the bar in the plant-based protein ingredients sector, offering a clean, sustainable, and nutritionally rich alternative promising to reshape our food system as we know it.

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