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This is a service to those interested in keeping abreast of developments & innovation in this fast expanding food sector.


Scott Mathias  is Editor. He is an accomplished recipe creator and vegan chef and the author of four recipe and gut health publications available on Amazon.


Not only being a former broadcast journalist in both Australia and NZ, but also a Certified Holistic Health Counsellor, focusing on optimum digestive health. He has also written a contemporary science fiction work. ( Click on book image to the right for Amazon link)


Scott also was formally Director of Convergent Technologies with Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. His media industry experience supported the transition from analogue to digital during the late 90's and early 2000's.


He follows a vegan plant food lifestyle, initially due to digestive health issues and his inability to break down animal proteins. In recent times he is seeing more and more the impact of industrialised farming, especially in his home country of New Zealand.


Scott also realises the difficulties the agricultural industry faces as the Plant Based Food market expands; he is therefore a proponent of a sensible phased approach to diversification and can advise accordingly.

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Image by Hermes Rivera

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