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Carrots Become "Salmon" In Aussie First

PFN - It's OK. You are not going crazy. Yes the world is undergoing an amazing food transformation.

The idea of using carrot to recreate the taste, texture and fragrance of smoked salmon has been around a few years now but no-one, until now, has had the courage to effect a commercial proposition. Enter UpRootFood ,an Australian based startup taking its local market by carrot hook, line and sinker. The results are being described as nothing short of 'eerily similar' to the original fish version.

Uproot describes its 'Smoked Not Salmon' product :

"Amazingly, our Smoked Not Salmon is bursting with the woody, smoky flavour you love, yet it’s made from carrots! Our Smoked Not Salmon has a familiar taste and texture, is fortified with Omega-3 fatty acids and contains organic kelp, which gives an authentic fishy flavour boost"

Uprootfood is founded by the enthusiastic husband and wife duo, Nathan and Livia Tsivlin; Nathan a chef and restaurant owner with Australian wide experience in the food industry and Livia a Phd. in wildlife biology.

"We can see what is happening on Planet Earth and it is this and our love of animals and our enjoyment of sustainably wholesome plant-based food which is the inspiration behind Uprootfood and this product ", says Nathan.

Packaging bears an uncanny similarity with its sea-born salmon counterpart.

Checkout UpRootFood on Social - Facebook - and Instagram

Look out for 'Smoked Not Salmon' at your local health food store or supermarket chiller or if you are Aussie based shop ONLINE NOW

Support the process of transition away from animal based to plant-based. #eatyourideals #uprootfood #smokednotsalmon #plantbased #vegan

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Nov 03, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The tastiest, unreal, the healthiest ingredients of "not smoked salmon!!"



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