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Spirulina Maker Launches Plant-Based Protein Packed Chicken Cutlet

Israel based, SimpliiGood, the spirulina food-tech innovator, has released a unique plant-based protein packed breaded chicken cutlet, lifting the alt-protein sector up several notches.

This innovative chicken nugget alternative, primarily composed of the highly nutritious micro-algae spirulina, not only replicates the appearance, flavour, and texture of real chicken breast but also offers a naturally dense nutritional profile surpassing its animal-based cousin.

SimpliiGood - Nimrod Genisher - Spirulina Chicken Cutlet

Source:SimpliiGood - Nimrod Genisher - Spirulina Chicken Cutlet

Catering to the growing demand for "meatless meat," the novel cutlet is composed of 80% pure, fresh spirulina micro-algae, enriched with prebiotic fibres. By providing health and environmentally conscious consumers with a highly nutritious and clean-label alternative to traditional chicken nuggets, SimpliiGood moves the game to a new level of versatility in concentrated micro-algae's protein. Additionally, its makers say it will satisfy the palate's craving for a meaty "umami" experience.

'We started out as cultivators of fresh spirulina,' says Lior Shalev, CEO and co-founder of SimpliiGood.

'But then we began to think of ways we can take the formulation of this highly sought-after ingredient beyond the boundary of the capsule or powder matrix and into the mainstream of the plant-based food landscape. Micro-algae such as spirulina is a high-value and eco-friendly alternative protein source. That's how we evolved into spirulina innovators', says Lior Shalev.

Spirulina, hailed as a powerhouse of plant-based goodness, boasts a rich composition of whole protein, essential fatty acids, and a range of vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium, B vitamins, and antioxidants.

SimpliiGood differentiates itself as the first start-up to cultivate and formulate with 100% pure, raw, fresh spirulina, which is flash-frozen instead of being available in the dried, powdered form commonly found in the market.

'By delivering spirulina in its fresh form, we ensure the highest nutrient content and maximum bioavailability without any off-flavours or aromas, opening up new possibilities for healthier food and beverage innovations', says Lior Shalev.

Baruch Dach, SimpliiGood's founder and CTO, says this creation is entirely 'next level' protein.

'Starting from a minced prototype to achieving another level of complexity in recreating a succulent texture and appearance of a whole chicken breast filet."

Apart from achieving the desired sensorial properties, incorporating sufficient protein and nutrients into plant-based alternatives has been a significant challenge which consumers have signalled as a concern. However, SimpliiGood's chicken nugget cutlet offers a nutritionally dense bite surpassing real chicken, thanks to the inherently nutritious profile of fresh spirulina.

'100 grams of SimpliGood micro-algae provides the equivalent of 200 grams of real chicken in protein load,' says Baruch Dach.

SimpliiGood - Nimrod Genisher - Spirulina Chicken Cutlet

Source:SimpliiGood - Nimrod Genisher - Spirulina Chicken Cutlet

'Each cutlet packs in 30% highly bioavailable protein, offering a potent alternative to animal protein with exceptional nutritional value. By consuming less while gaining more, it also contributes to reducing waste and energy consumption, streamlining the supply chain, and minimising the overall downstream carbon footprint. A massive win for both the consumer and the environment', says Baruch Dach.

NOTE: Following the successful launch of its vegan 95% spirulina-based smoked salmon replica last year, SimpliiGood plans to roll out the product commercially in the near future. As a vertically integrated company, SimpliiGood cultivates spirulina in green-housed ponds located in Israel's sun-drenched southern desert region. With a capacity to produce 250 tons of spirulina per year and a harvest cycle of every 24 hours, SimpliiGood established itself as a highly commercially viable plant-based protein source. More information about the company CLICK HERE.



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