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Revo Foods Expands 3D Printed Plant-Based Salmon Production

Austrian startup Revo Foods is expanding its production capabilities for 3D printed plant-based salmon fillets.

The company's recent developments, including a multi-nozzle printing system and collaboration with mushroom protein producer, Mycorena, to optimise plant-based materials, allowing for ramping up the production output.

The Revo Food Fabricator, equipped with two new patented extruder systems, will enable larger volumes of printed salmon fillets.

Source: Revo Foods Printed Salmon Fillet

Revo Foods is creating appealing meat and fish alternatives by customising textures and combining fats with plant-based proteins. This innovation allows for the production of food once considered exclusive to gourmet restaurants, but now on a much larger scale.

Their creation, a plant-based alternative to salmon fillets, boasts an 'A' rating on the Nutriscore scale, not only an indication of nutritional quality, but also a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices and things are about to be ramped up.

With plans to operate eight production lines by July/August of this year, Revo Foods anticipates a monthly output of more than 8000kgs , aiming to generate a revenue of €135,000. Priced competitively at around €16 per kilo, Revo’s product undercuts the cost of regular salmon, which usually sells for about €23 per kilo in European markets.

Source: Revolution Foods Printed Salmon Fillet

This expansion marks a significant step for the 3D food printing industry, as it seeks to offer sustainable, ethical alternatives in a market heavily burdened by environmental and ethical concerns at the same time matching taste and texture expectations.

With the increasing demand for responsible food options and the dire state of many fish species, Revo Foods is not only addressing a market need but also presenting an innovative solution undoubtedky reshaping the future of food production as we've known it.

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