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World's First 3D Printed Salmon Fillet Goes On Sale

It is finally here! A 3D printed salmon fillet goes on sale in Europe today Austrian time, in a first limited edition. It's called THE FILET - Inspired by Salmon and created by plant-based fish company, REVO Foods.

THE FILET will be launched through Austrian supermarket BILLA AG (Billa Pflanzilla), as well as gastronomy partners Adlerhof in Vienna and Bistro Verde in Copenhagen. It will also be available throughout Europe from 1st of October.

REVO Foods Filet

Source: REVO Foods Instagram

So what makes this filet so special?

'The new 3D food printing process allows us to integrate plant-based fat into a fibrous protein matrix, leads to the typical “flakiness” and juicy fibres of fish filets', says a REVO Foods spokesperson.

'To scale this technology, we developed a continuous extrusion system which can handle large volumes of material, which we call the 3D-MassFormer™. This is the first generation of new 3D printed foods that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of food production',

The result is a texturing process which can be precisely fine-tuned, providing food developers with a vast number of opportunities to create even more authentic meat alternatives.

REVO 3D Printed Fillet Pack

Source: REVO Foods

Also used is mycoprotein as a main ingredient from Mycorena offering many advantages such as a complete amino acid profile and minimal processing requirements. The final product has a high protein & fibre content and only 0.9g carbs, considered low for this category.

The achievement is attributed to the collaborative efforts of the Revo Team and the support of the European Union in funding this development. While this marks the introduction of their first 3D printed product, the company remains committed to further refining their technology and expanding their product line in the years ahead to bring more meat alternatives to the market.

For more information and to buy online from 1st October, CLICK HERE.


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Sep 14, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is really a game changer.



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