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Bongiorno To Innovative, "Garden Burger" at Fine Food Australia Show

An exciting new development in the world of Italian plant-based cuisine is set to wow attendees at this year's Fine Food Australia show, taking place from September 11th to 14th at the ICC Darling Harbour in Sydney.

Hailing from Italy, a country known for its culinary heritage, comes "Garden Burger," an innovative line of 100% plant-based ingredients, designed to change the way we approach meat alternatives.

Italian "Garden Burger"

Source: Garden Burger

While 'plant-based' terminology is under threat in Italy this range of garden mix looks like a sure-fired success in the Australian food service sector.

Comprising vegetable proteins and free of artificial colourings and preservatives, this line promises to appeal to discerning palates seeking both health-conscious and flavourful options.

With consumer demand on the rise for meatless alternatives that don't compromise on taste and texture, Garden Burger emerges as a response to this gastronomic shift. The brand prides itself on presenting an assortment of three variants: the classic rendition, mushroom-infused, and the zesty curry & chilli pepper blend.

Source: Garden Burger

Garden Burger's exceptional recipe combination delivers on texture, fragrance, and an unmistakably distinct flavour profile. The versatility of the product enables its integration into an array of savoury dishes

So, if you're an adventurous food service professional looking for a plant-based alternative that encapsulates the spirit of Italian culinary expertise, the Fine Food Australia show is the place to be this September. Head to the ICC Darling Harbour to check out Garden Burger's innovative plant-based lines, a testament to Italian innovation, taste, and health-conscious choices.



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