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How Wicked Imagery Drives Plant-Based Meat From Screen to Table

When considering the choice to buy a plant-based meat alternative, the presence of recipes can significantly influence consumer behavior, particularly when exemplified by companies like US-based Wicked Kitchen.

The incorporation of a multi-faceted recipe base can play a pivotal role in enticing potential buyers to opt for plant-based meat alternatives, driven by several factors.

Source: Wicked Kitchen - King Oyster Satay

Firstly, recipes provide a tangible solution to a common consumer concern; how to prepare and enjoy plant-based products in appealing and satisfying ways.

By offering a variety of creative and delicious recipe ideas, companies like Wicked Kitchen provide consumers with the knowledge and inspiration to explore new culinary horizons. These recipes can highlight the versatility of plant-based alternatives, demonstrating their ability to turn into into familiar and beloved dishes.

The use of imagery in conjunction with recipes can amplify the allure of taste and flavour. As the adage goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Visually appealing images showcasing mouthwatering dishes can captivate consumers' senses and trigger a desire to experience the depicted dishes.

Makes 'eating with yours eyes' very real.

Source: Wicked Kitchen - Broccoli pesto sourdough pizza- Hot mustard tofu, schrooms & millet - Cacciatore

The combination of enticing recipes and compelling imagery creates a sensory experience resonating with potential buyers on a visceral level, effectively bridging the gap between curiosity and purchase.

In the case of Wicked Kitchen, a plant-based company known for its recipe-centric approach and visual storytelling, the provision of recipes serves as more than just a utilitarian tool.

Derek Sarno, Wicked Kitchen Chef Marstro and Co-Founder is the consummate vegan plant-based


' Using sexy and tempting food imagery is highly effective in driving appetites. When people see visually appealing images of delicious dishes, it stimulates their cravings and desires, making them more likely to want to try the food', says Derek Sarno.

'The power of visual appeal is immense in the world of food, as it taps into our senses and emotions, creating a strong connection between the consumer and the product especially in our case when we are showing that vegan/plant based foods are not just bowls of salad'.

'Thinking up new recipes isn’t a challenge when hunger is the main ingredient, and I love being and cooking vegan, it’s incredibly exciting and fulfilling. Crafting innovative dishes that taste amazing is a creative process I'm truly passionate about. It's an opportunity to push culinary boundaries and create memorable eating experiences for people', shares Derek Sarno.

Source: Wicked Kitchen - Mixed vegetables

Derek Sarno continues to share his passion.

'Enticing imagery and creative recipes helps people embrace plant-based ingredients and sustainable practices that aligns with current consumer preferences but also contributes to a more environmentally conscious food industry one plate at a time.

Ultimately, the combination of captivating visuals, easy to do at home - inventive recipes, and a commitment to holistic values can lead to people wanting to try new things and do better. We are proud to help usher new food choices into the plant forward era that are just as, if not more captivating than what’s been traditionally and heavily animal based', concludes Derek.

By offering culinary inspiration, showcasing versatility, and employing evocative imagery, companies like Wicked Kitchen leverage the inherent connection between taste, imagination, and consumer decision-making, ultimately propelling the adoption of plant-based alternatives in the US market and beyond.

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