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Alg Seaweed & Sarah Leung Take Center Stage at Fine Food Australia

Seaweed, the quiet hero of nutrition and sustainability, is poised to make a grand entrance at the upcoming Fine Food Australia Expo, when Alg Seaweed takes the spotlight.

Seaweed not only contributes more than half of the Earth's oxygen but also emerges as an eco-friendly crop thriving without any land requirements. Bursting with essential nutrients like iodine, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B12, seaweed literally beckons to be explored as it meets a growing demand for healthy food products.

Alg Rainbow Seaweed Flakes

Source: Alg Seaweed

Enter Sarah Leung, the visionary mind behind Alg Seaweed. As a seasoned dietitian, her epiphany dawned amidst overwhelm whilst in wellness management in 2016. Dissatisfied with the constraints of private practice, Sarah's amalgamation of nutrition expertise, fondness for seaweed, culinary prowess, and aesthetic packaging culminated in Alg Seaweed's birth in May 2017.

Alg Seaweed quickly made its presence felt with an initial range featuring Tasmanian hand-harvested wakame seaweed.

Sarah's mission? To simplify seaweed integration into everyday Australian cuisine. The culinary marvel, a salt substitute, morphed into a lineup of condiments boasting five flavours—adaptable to eggs, avocados, veggies, rice, noodles, seafood, and all meats.

Source: Alg Seaweed

However, motherhood compelled Sarah to briefly shutter Alg Seaweed, albeit temporarily. A triumphant return via the MARS Foods Seeds of Change Accelerator program, got the business up and running again. Triumph followed with victory at the Mondelez International Snacks Future Pitch Competition, catapulting Alg Seaweed into an upward trajectory.

Assisted by Food Innovation Australia funding, subsequent months ushered in further changes and 'recalibration' with rebranding, reformulating, and trademarking the vibrant Rainbow Seaweed. January 2021 saw the unveiling of an array of nutrient-laden condiments and snacks.

Sarah's dietician and nutrition background has stood her well particularly identifying iodine's role in thyroid health. '

'A poignant statistic emerged, revealing up to 68% of pregnant women failing iodine needs—a revelation fuelling my determination to shed more light on iodine's significance in over-all human health', says Sarah Leung.

One of Sarah's greatest joys is to see her toddler, Charlie, gleefully sprinkling Rainbow Seaweed Seasoning on food.

'Having my child sense the benefits of seaweed at such an early stage is wonderful to see', says Sarah Leung.

Source: Alg Seaweed - Charlie - Alg Team - Making Gourmet Traveller Magazine

Sarah's captivating journey and Alg Seaweed's innovative offerings have earned her a speaking role at the Fine Food Australia Expo, happening at Sydney's Darling Harbour from September 11th to 14th, 2023.

As an enterprising culinary dietitian, Sarah's mission encompasses enriching lives through taste, nutrition, and convenience, crafting both a flavourful and healthy future powered by Alg Seaweed's sustainable ingenuity.

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