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Byron Bay Plant Based Burger Blasts Onto Fine Food Australia Stage

The countdown is on for the upcoming Fine Foods Australia show, scheduled from September 11th to 14th at Darling Harbour in Sydney, where food service trade can discover and taste a plant-based burger taking Australia by storm – the Byron Bay Burger.

Byron Bay Burger

Source: Byron Bay Burger Instagram

The Byron Bay Burger, is the inspiration of Big Owl Foods operating in Byron since 2017.

'We have unwavering dedication to taste, texture, and ethical sourcing', says the burger's website.

The burger already has a dedicated following with a diverse range of palates, spanning from vegans and vegetarians to avid meat enthusiasts. This journey for what's been described by social followers as 'culinary perfection' resulted in a patty authentically mirroring the heartiness of 'old world' animal meat burgers.

Each burger patty stands as a testament to both indulgence and nutritional content, packing a noteworthy 17g of plant protein and 2g of dietary fibre – a remarkable accomplishment in the realm of plant-based burger products.

Transparency in ingredients remains a hallmark of Big Owl Foods, the creators of the Byron Bay Burger -a commitment to quality, ensuring the burger is free from anything artificial at the same time aligning with the brand's core values.

Under the visionary leadership of Al Percival, Big Owl Foods is showcasing not only the Byron Bay Burger but also a diverse array of offerings, including Spice Owl brand curries, chilies, and pasta sauces. Adding to the lineup also are Byron Bay Sausages making their debut and featuring flavoursome options such as Sage & Apple, Bratwurst, and Spice Italian.

Byron Bay Burger at the 2022 Brisbane Vegan expo

Source: Byron Bay Burgers - last years Brisbane Vegan Expo

In an era where convenience meets conscious consumption, the Byron Bay Burger shines as a symbol of great Australian plant-based innovation. Beyond exercising the taste buds, each burger sold contributes to supporting Australian wildlife, exemplifying Big Owl Foods' dedication to both culinary excellence along with environmental stewardship.

Mark your calendars and experience a sampling of the Byron Bay Burger at the Fine Foods Australia show. This is an opportunity to not only savour an exceptional plant-based burger but also a commitment to sustainability in every mouthful.

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