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Planteneers Introduces New Range of Plant-Based Fermented Milk Alternatives

1. Germany based, Planteneers, has introduced a wide range of plant-based alternatives for fermented milk products like yogurt, quark, cream cheese, and crème fraîche, aiming to meet consumer demand for sustainable and traditional-tasting dairy substitutes.

2. The new product lines, including the fiildDairy FEY and FEQ series, feature plant-based ingredients such as coconut milk, oat concentrate, and soy protein, crafted to emulate the taste, texture, and culinary versatility of their dairy counterparts.

3. Emphasising innovation and sustainability, Planteneers' launch reflects a commitment to providing consumers with "true to familiar" plant-based options, targeting not only vegans and vegetarians but also those reducing dairy intake, according to Product Manager Linda Eitelberger.

Full Story:

In a significant stride towards sustainability and innovation in the food industry, German based, Planteneers has launched an extensive lineup of plant-based alternatives for a broad spectrum of fermented milk products, including yogurt, quark, cream cheese, and crème fraîche.

This new range is designed to cater to the growing consumer demand for sustainable, plant-based food options without compromising on the traditional tastes and textures of dairy products.

Planteneers plant-based milk product

Source: Planteneers - One of the new fermented plant-based yogurt products

Among the new products are a range of versatile yogurt alternatives in the fiildDairy FEY series. These products are crafted from a mix of plant-based components such as coconut milk, oat concentrate, soy protein, and almond paste, ensuring a creamy texture and balanced flavour reminiscent of traditional yogurt.

As well a Quark and Cream Cheese in the fiildDairy FEQ series, providing flexible, plant-based alternatives. These products have a familiar taste and texture, suitable for a wide range of culinary uses from direct consumption to being an ideal ingredient in pastas, baked goods, and more.

The cream cheese alternatives, are designed for their spreadability and true texture, and are made using a blend of starch, selected plant ingredients, plant protein, and pectin, offering a declaration-friendly option for consumers.

Rounding off the range, Planteneers has developed plant-based solutions for sour cream and crème fraîche, catering to a diverse array of culinary applications.

These products, suitable for creating vegan versions of classic dishes like tzatziki, highlight the brand's commitment to clean-label, versatile, and sustainable food alternatives.

Linda Eitelberger, Product Manager at Planteneers, says it's about giving consumers 'true to familiar' options "Our goal is to provide consumers with plant-based alternatives that don't just mimic but excel in delivering the taste, texture, and versatility of traditional fermented milk products. We believe our new range will not only appeal to vegans and vegetarians but also to anyone looking to reduce their dairy intake without sacrificing quality or flavour," says Linda Eitelberger.

As Planteneers continues to innovate in the plant-based sector, its latest offerings mark a significant milestone in making sustainable and ethical food choices more accessible and enjoyable to a broader audience. Bravo !!

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