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Planteneers Introduces New Range of Plant-Based Fermented Milk Alternatives

1. Germany based, Planteneers, has introduced a wide range of plant-based alternatives for fermented milk products like yogurt, quark, cream cheese, and crème fraîche, aiming to meet consumer demand for sustainable and traditional-tasting dairy substitutes.

2. The new product lines, including the fiildDairy FEY and FEQ series, feature plant-based ingredients such as coconut milk, oat concentrate, and soy protein, crafted to emulate the taste, texture, and culinary versatility of their dairy counterparts.

3. Emphasising innovation and sustainability, Planteneers' launch reflects a commitment to providing consumers with "true to familiar" plant-based options, targeting not only vegans and vegetarians but also those reducing dairy intake, according to Product Manager Linda Eitelberger.