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World Street Food Appeal As Planted Jerusalem Chicken Goes On Sale In Austria

Trends in plantbased vegan food are revealing a move towards more parochial 'local' flavours with cultural depth. See, 'world street food' appeal as Planted Jerusalem chicken goes on sale In Austria, the signature dish of popular gastronome Haya Molcho of NENI fame.

Planted Jerusalem chicken chicken originates from the streets of culinary hub Tel Aviv in Israel, and it has now made its way to SPAR stores across Austria thanks to Haya Molcho.

The pleasure of bringing much-loved street food flavours from around the world into the comfort of our own kitchens is a widespread experience, whether it's Thai, Chinese, Indian, or now, with Planted's delectable 'chicken'.

NENI's Planted Jerusalem Chicken

Source: NENI

For the first time a full vegan plantbased take on the NENI favourite is just a skillet away from those vegans, flexitarians or hardened carnivores wanting to taste 'world flavours'

Haya Molcho.

Creator Haya Molcho (pictured left) is all smiles knowing just a small part of her popular eatery is within reach of those who are unable to personally savour her flavoursome creation - Jerusalem Panted chicken at a NENI restaurant.

Growing up in Tel Aviv, Haya Molcho was inspired to create her signature dish to remind her of her origins.

'Im delighted. Thanks to Planted and SPAR, our Jerusalem Plate is now available as a plant-based option for Israeli cuisine at home throughout Austria! NENI and Planted are just a perfect match and I am very proud of the joint Special Edition', says Haya Molcho, a loveable food industry personality.

The successful restaurateur opened the first NENI restaurant together with her sons in 2009 and thus laid the foundation for the European NENI success story. At the end of last year, Haya Molcho became Planted's brand ambassador in Austria and created another culinary highlight in the kitchens of her popular NENI restaurants with the plant-based Jerusalem Plate, prepared with Planted.chicken.

Matching Chefs with plantbased vegan dishes and products reflecting parochial flavours is a master-stroke enabling consumers to feel more confident in the emerging range of animal free proteins.

Take Redefine Meat's tie-up with famed Michelin Stared Chef, Marco Pierre White - iconic 'animal' dishes using Redefines plant-based tissue engineered cuts of 'beef meat' had dinners fooled in a recent tasting with London Chefs and food service operators.

Source: Redefine Meat

There are whispers of renowned US plant-based Chef Kenny Annis of Sky Cafe, South San Francisco fame, is secretly infusing his culinary expertise into Boldly Foods 'plant-based seafood' products.

So is this a trend Chefs can align themselves with? Indeed, as well as helping to promote 'local cuisine', there is also a reduction in CO2 emissions associated with the production of animal meat. For example, the environmental impact of plant-based chicken is significantly lower than that of its animal equivalent.

Planted Jerusalem chicken at NENI

Source: NENI

Throughout its life cycle, Planted.chicken produces a whole 77% less CO2-equivalent emissions and uses 85% less water.. The Special Edition Planted Jerusalem chicken, like all Planted products, is also made from only natural ingredients such as peas, rapeseed oil and water, and contains no artificial flavourings, preservatives or other additives.

Merging local plantbased flavours with the elements of real sustainability is undoubtedly a win for Chefs, patrons and Planet Earth alike.

More information on Planted's 'Jerusalem Chicken' CLICK HERE.

More information about NENI in Europe CLICK HERE.

To learn more about Haya Molcho's Tel Aviv food origins WATCH below.



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