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Is ‘24 The Year Of The Plant-Based Cold Cut ? Planted Thinks So!

Coinciding with Veganuary, Swiss food tech startup Planted has launched innovative plant-based cold cut, offering a fresh and sustainable option for flexitarians in Switzerland.

Renowned for its commitment to natural ingredients, Planted's lyoner-style cold cuts are seen as a game changer in the meat substitute market.

Planted's lyoner-style cold cuts

Source: Planted

This clean-label product is made from wholesome ingredients including pea protein, rapeseed oil, water, spices, yeast, salt, and vitamin B12, ensuring a product free from additives and high in protein.

The lyoner not only mimics the taste and texture of traditional meat but also stands out as the most sustainable option, reducing CO2 emissions by 34% and water usage by 51% compared to its animal-based counterpart.

Planted's lyoner-style cold cuts

Source: Planted

Planted, based in the Zurich suburb of Kemptthal, employs more than 65 experts in scientific research and product development, constantly innovating to elevate plant-based food technology. Their proprietary fermentation process is key to achievingi in the authentic taste profile of their lyoner, making it indistinguishable from animal-based products in flavour and quality.

The company says the launch of planted.slices Lyoner is particularly significant for flexitarians who prioritise taste and environmental consciousness. Its versatility extends from simple sandwiches to elaborate charcuterie platters.

Planted's lyoner-style cold cuts

Source: Planted

Now exclusively available in Coop stores across Switzerland, Planted's new offering is not just a product but a statement. The company has also revamped its packaging, now featuring a striking purple colour scheme and emphasising its commitment to "100% natural ingredients," ensuring Planted's products are as appealing visually as they are in taste and sustainability.

This new product marks Planted's entry into the charcuterie category, setting a new standard in the plant-based food sector and offering a delectable, eco-friendly alternative to Switzerland's beloved animal based lyoner.

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