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Non-Bluffant As French Go Oh-La-La Over Plant-Based Proteins

Barcelona, Spain based plant-based protein manufacturer, Heura Foods has the French all cocka-hoop over their range of beef, pork, chicken and fish.

Reports from the Paris International Agricultural Show currently underway illustrate the popularity of their range with the French visitors is off-the-scale.

According to Laurent Gubbels, Comms Manager France & Benelux at Heura, the company sold more products at the biggest meat event in France than at any other events (even vegan ones) in the past !

'Most of French people want to reduce their meat consumption and yesterday at the P I A S was just further proof (of this). Regardless of their age or where they are coming from, regardless of their job, farmers, butchers, they were all shocked when they tried Heura Foods', says Laurent Gubbels.

French customers at PIAS aghast at the flavour profile of the Heura samples. - sacrebleu!

Emmanuelle Reslinger, (pictured) a Paris based vegan marketing specialist described the reaction. ' Haha les tronches quand ils découvrent que la bouffe vegan, c'est bon 🤩 Go Heur' - which translates ' Haha the faces when they discover that vegan food is good 🤩 Go Heura'.

In fact a YouGov French poll commissioned by the delivery service Deliveroo in December 2022 showed up to 26% of French consumers say they are ready to try the vegan diet for a month. The study, which involved 1030 people aged 18 and over, revealed the evolution of the vegan diet in France, as in 2019 the same poll was conducted and only 12% of participants said to be willing to try a vegan diet.

No-doubt the faces say it all and it appears even the younger generation 'get-it ' and see the virtues of moving away from an animal based protein paradigm.

Laurent Gubbels concludes; 'If you believe I'm just spouting marketing and times aren't changing, please just stop for an hour at our booth, talk to consumers and you will be convinced ! C'EST BLUFFANT ! C'EST BLUFFANT ! C'EST BLUFFANT ! C'EST BLUFFANT ! That's what you will hear all day !'

There is definitely no Bluffant - Bluffing with Heura's range of plant-based products as it continues to push not only it's brand throughout Europe but also educate those once die-hard animal meat eaters that there is indeed a more palatable and humanitarian alternative to taking an animals life just to fill the plate.

HEURA's website is HERE. Check out their range of plant-based products.

If you need assistance to market your Plant-Based, 3D Meat, Alt.Protein, Fermented Protein or Cultivated Meat in France then contact Emmanuelle Reslinger, via her LinkedIn profile or HER WEBSITE.



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