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PETA UK’s Top Vegan Food Products of 2023

PETA UK has announced its top vegan food products for 2023, celebrating the best in plant-based innovation and taste. Among the numerous categories, the Best Vegan Meat award has captured significant attention.

Marks & Spencer has secured the Best Vegan Milk category with their Chilled British Oat Drink, presented in a traditional cow’s milk carton design but offering a creamy, oat-based alternative that's been praised for its delightful taste.

PETA UK Vegan Winners Montage 2023

Source: PETA UK

VFC Chick*n Stompers have once again triumphed in the Best Vegan Chicken category, following a previous win in 2021. These popular products cater to children and young vegans, offering a bird-friendly option that is sure to be a hit on their plates.

THIS Isn’t Beef Burgers have revolutionised the Best Vegan Burger category with their improved recipe, providing a beef-like experience with 30% less saturated fat and a significantly reduced carbon footprint, marking a step towards the future of plant-based eating.

Redefine Meat Beef Flank has outstandingly won the Best Vegan Meat category, impressing with its 3D-printed structure, exquisite flavour, and texture. Chefs such as Aidan Fisher and Marco Pierre White have lauded this product, with White calling it “the cleverest thing I’ve seen in almost 40 years in the kitchen.”

'We're ecstatic to share that Redefine Meat was honored with the PETA Vegan Food Award in the UK for the Best Vegan Meat! We're deeply moved to receive this recognition, which highlights our commitment to providing delicious, sustainable new-meat', says a Redifine Spokesperson.

'Thanks to all our fans and to our amazing team for making this possible'.

The awards also celebrated other categories, including Honestly Tasty Blue for Best Vegan Cheese, Squeaky Bean Beechwood Smoked Salmon Style Slices for Best Vegan Seafood, and Sacred Grounds Poached ‘Egg’ for Best Vegan Egg. Each product stood out for its innovation, taste, and contribution to the expanding world of vegan food options.

PETA UK Vegan Winners Montage 2023

Source: PETA UK

With an extensive range of products highlighted, from burgers and milk to cheese and seafood, the PETA UK awards for 2023 has showcased the best in vegan food, with a special emphasis on the innovative and delectable Redefine Meat Beef Flank, a deserving winner in the Best Vegan Meat category.

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