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Innovative Cauliflower Icecream Wins Big at 2023 NZ Food Awards

The 2023 New Zealand Food Awards saw a surprising twist with an unusual ingredient stealing the limelight.

EatKinda, a rising star in the New Zealand plant-based food industry, walked away with two major awards for their unique cauliflower icecream. Their Strawberry Swirl frozen dessert clinched the Below Zero Award, and the Mint Choc Bikkie frozen dessert won the Novel Award at the event.

EatKinda Strawberry Swirl

Source: EatKinda Icecream

The Strawberry Swirl, in particular, caught the judges' attention for its delicious taste and environmental benefit. By using cauliflower that would have otherwise gone to waste, EatKinda showed that sustainability can be both tasty and planet-friendly.

The New Zealand Food Awards aim to recognise and celebrate excellence, innovation, and sustainability in the food and beverage industry. The awards program assigns a quality mark to the finalist and winning products, ensuring they meet high standards for technical capability, taste, safety, and sustainability.

EatKinda Icecream team

Source: EatKinda - The EatKinda team with Co-Founders Jenni Matheson (left) & Mrinali Kumar (Centre)

Heilala Vanilla, a locally owned and operated producer, was awarded the 2023 Supreme Award for their Alcohol Free Vanilla Paste, while the classic Wattie’s Tomato Sauce received the Product Lifetime Achievement Award.

More than 350 guests attended the awards ceremony at Auckland’s Aotea Centre to celebrate excellence and innovation in New Zealand's food and beverage industry. Attendees were invited to purchase finalist products, with all proceeds benefiting the charity KiwiHarvest.

In a world where sustainability and innovation are key, EatKinda's cauliflower-based desserts have shown unconventional ingredients can lead to remarkable outcomes. Their success at the New Zealand Food Awards not only tempts taste buds but also highlights the importance of eco-conscious food choices.

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