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Julienne Bruno Plant-Based Cheese Trimuphs with Gold at Great British Food Awards

In an extraordinary feat for plant-based products, UK's Julienne Bruno soft cheese has clinched a Gold award at the 2023 Great British Food Awards.

This award is a notable milestone, signifying a shift in the gastronomic landscape towards sustainable and innovative food choices.

Julienne Bruno plant-based cheese

Source: Julienne Bruno

Julienne Bruno, a London-based team dedicated to redefining plant-based dining, has been steadfast in its commitment to quality, provenance, and taste.

This Gold award not only honors their exceptional craftsmanship but also celebrates their role in transforming the food industry.

The Great British Food Awards, since its inception in 2014, has been a platform for recognizing excellence within the artisanal sector of the food and drink industry.

With a judging panel comprising renowned chefs, critics, and influencers, the awards are a significant barometer of quality and innovation.

Julienne Bruno plant-based cheese

Source: Julienne Bruno

Julienne Bruno’s success at this prestigious event underscores the potential and appeal of plant-based products in the contemporary food scene, marking a momentous occasion for the brand and the plant-based community at large.

In embracing the ethos of creation over imitation and savoring the journey of culinary innovation, Julienne Bruno has come of age with its recognition by the Great British Food Awards.

Julienne Bruno's Gold joins a slew of awards including the Quality Food Award 2022, category win in the World Dairy Innovation Awards and Vegan Choice Awards.

Julienne Bruno plant-based cheese

Source: Julienne Bruno

This victory serves as a beacon of inspiration for the plant-based movement, proving that with passion and commitment, sustainable choices can indeed triumph in the world of gastronomy.

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