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Organic Denmark Keeps Pace in Global Plant-Based Expansion with BioFach Showcase

As the world increasingly leans towards sustainable and plant-based eating habits, Denmark is no laggard. The upcoming BioFach Organic Exhibition in Germany will see Organic Denmark stepping up its game in the organic plant-based sector, showcasing a variety of innovative products designed to capture the attention of health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers alike.

While there is a focus on plant-based protein analog products there is also a big drive byt the Danes to upcycle and repurpose vegetable products otherwise destined for waste.

First up is:

🌱 Rømer Vegan - A great example of Denmark's commitment to plant-based excellence, Rømer Vegan brings a family legacy that dates back to 1977 into the modern age with over 60 organic, vegan products, all soy-free. Their range includes everything from soups and sauces to plant-based sticks, burgers, and nuggets, each with perfect taste and texture. The Rømer family's mission is to make plant-based eating accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Organic Denmark Rømer Vegan

Source: Organic Denmark - Romer Vegan

🥦 PerfectSeason - With a visionary approach to plant-based eating, PerfectSeason elevates vegetables to hero status. Their meat alternatives, made from real organic ingredients, aim to transform how vegetables are perceived and utilised in daily meals. By focusing on high-quality, allergen-free ingredients, PerfectSeason is on a mission to make vegetables the star of the dining table.

Organic Denmark Perfect Season

Source: Organic Denmark -PerfectSeason

🌿 Organic Plant Protein - Committed to fostering a more plant-based and sustainable future, Organic Plant Protein A/S introduces a line of organic, soy-free, gluten-free, and additive-free proteins. They specialise in creating textured plant proteins from peas and fava beans, using a process preserving nutritional value. Sourced from Northern Europe, their products are a step towards a sustainable and plant-powered diet.

Organic Denmark - Organic Plant Protein

Source: Organic Denmark - Organic Plant Protein

🌶️ Mill & Mortar - Elevating the spice market, Mill & Mortar offers spices that are not just ingredients but a journey from the earth to your plate. With sustainability, Fair Trade, and premium packaging at its core, their spices ensure the highest quality in aroma and essence. Discover a range celebrating the hard work and passion of individuals behind each flavourful packet.

Organic Denmark - Mill & Mortar

Source: Organic Denmark - Mill & Mortar

🍲 Uhhmami - Pioneering a new era in plant-based cooking, Uhhmami's range of broths revolutionises kitchen staples with vegan, organic, and additive-free options. With flavours mimicking truffle, blue cheese, parmesan, and bacon, their products promise to transform any dish into a gourmet experience. Very futuristic plant-based cuisine with Uhhmami.

Organic Denmark - Uhhmami

Source: Organic Denmark - Uhhmami 

🌱 REDUCED - Focusing on sustainable and impactful cooking, REDUCED creates high-quality natural flavour solutions from upcycled organic ingredients. Their line of traditional stocks, umami sauces, and soups cater to food professionals seeking to enhance dishes while supporting sustainability. Experience the difference with REDUCED's eco-conscious flavours.

Organic Denmark - REDUCED

Source: Organic Denmark - REDUCED

🌿 Northern Greens - Changing the game with organic liquid herbs, Northern Greens introduces an innovative way to add freshness and flavour to any meal. Their products, a blend of gently chopped herbs with sea salt and organic vinegar, offer simplicity and sustainability in every drop. Elevate your culinary creations with these 'cutting edge' organic essences from Northern Greens.

Organic Denmark - Northern Greens

Source: Organic Denmark - Northern Greens

Denmark's representation at BioFach, through these innovative brands, highlights the country's commitment to charge in the organic plant-based sector. With the backing of initiatives like Organic Denmark and Bio Aus Dänemark, the country will undoubtedly make a significant impact at this international event.

The BioFach exhibition in Nuremberg runs from 13-16 February. The joint Danish stand hosted by Organic Denmark and Bio Aus Dänemark is funded by The European Union's NextGenerationEU,

For more information about BioFach CLICK HERE

For more information about Organic Denmark CLICK HERE



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