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Planetarians Unveil Savory Strips at COP28 Taking Upcycling To New Level

In another step forward for 'upcycling', US based, Planetarians is introducing its trailblazing product, Savory Strips, at COP28, on now at Expo City Dubai.

The company transforms waste products into nutritious, eco-friendly protein alternatives.

Planetarians Upcycled Protein

Source: Planetarians

Aleh Manchuliantsau, the visionary co-founder and CEO, will also share insights into this revolutionary process during a fireside chat titled “Transforming Waste into Treasure” at the Climate Innovation Forum. This session underscores the potential of turning waste into valuable resources in the fight against climate change.

Planetarians will also feature prominently in the Tech and Innovation Hub, alongside other startups pioneering sustainable solutions to global environmental challenges.

This gathering of minds during the conference will foster dialogues and potential collaborations with leaders from governments, NGOs, and the private sector.

The company's engagements with breweries across Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, and Belgium highlight a growing interest in its unique approach to sustainable protein production. These partnerships leverage brewery by-products, such as spent yeast, underscoring Planetarians' innovative and regionally adaptable solutions.

Source: Planetarians

Aleh Manchuliantsau emphasises the importance of this sustainable approach:

'COP28’s focus on food and agriculture as key factors in climate change aligns with our vision of creating a closed-loop agricultural system. It’s essential to reimagine how we produce and consume food', says Aleh Manchuliantsau.

Planetarians' patented technology is a cornerstone of this vision. By upcycling byproducts from beer brewing and oil extraction processes, the company produces affordable, nutritious proteins like Savory Strips, which have a drastically lower environmental footprint compared to traditional animal and plant-based proteins.

Research from IAMECON highlights the significantly reduced carbon footprint of Planetarians' products. Savory Strips, in particular, offer a high-protein, low-fat alternative to meat, with a nutritional profile that includes the fiber of an apple. Their popularity in school lunches, with a 72% acceptance rate, speaks to their broader appeal beyond meat substitutes.

About Planetarians:

Established in 2013, Planetarians is at the forefront of the sustainable protein market, offering products both environmentally friendly and nutritionally rich. Their client base includes schools, senior housing, and retail grocers. With backing from prominent investors and a commitment to making a positive environmental impact, Planetarians is revolutionising the way we think about food.

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