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Upcycled Human Pee Looks Set To Bio-Stimulate French Cabbages

Toopi Organics, a French biotech trailblazer, has taken an audacious leap into the world of agriculture by crafting biostimulants from an unconventional source, human pee. This daring venture has stirred intrigue and curiosity, prompting questions about the future of farming.

By fermenting human pee, Toopi Organics has concocted a truly unique product, revolutionising the French cabbage growing landscape. Their vision goes beyond just cultivating crops; it reimagines how we perceive waste. French cabbages and other vegetables look set to be the recipients of this pee based bio-stimulant.

Fermented ready to spray urine Toopi-Organics

Source: Toopi-Organics -Fermented Urine

Domestically grown cabbages have traditionally responded well to a regular diet of 'liquid nitrogen, as shown below.

Domestically grown cabbages fed a diet of pee

Source: PFN - Authors own cabbages fed a regular diet of high quality chemical free urine.

In just three years, Toopi Organics has established an exclusive human urine collection network in France, made possible through strategic alliances with major entities such as Vinci Highways, responsible for motorway rest areas, and WC Loc, a Europe-wide toilet rental company catering to music festivals.

Source : Toopi Organics

Toopi Organics has just raised more than €16 million from excited investors. “With this fundraiser, our goal is to deploy a range of urine-based biostimulants across 600,000 hectares of crops in Europe by 2027', says Alexandra Carpentier, CEO of Toopi Organics.

Toopi Organics, flagship product, Lactopi Start, which has been put through extensive agronomic trials, gained approval for organic agriculture, significantly reducing the EU’s reliance on phosphate fertilisers.

'For farmers, it means preserved yields, reduced overall fertilisation costs. Farmers are witnessing not only increased yields but also a reduced ecological footprint, giving rise to a profound shift in French farming practices', says Alexandra Carpentier.

Consumer response has been described nothing short of remarkable. In a world grappling with environmental challenges, Toopi Organics offers a sustainable solution transcending traditional fertiliser.

Toopi Organics challenges conventional norms, showing the future of farming can be both eco-friendly and remarkably unique.

In this new era, cabbages and other crops are not just sustenance; they are a testament to human ingenuity and a delicious reminder the possibilities for sustainable agriculture are boundless.

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14 sept. 2023
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So many interesting articles here and this is one of them 😁


14 sept. 2023
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Extraordinary !!!



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