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One Man's Beer is Another Man's Revyve Egg Replacer

Say goodbye to the same old egg-based binders! Revyve, has unveiled an innovative egg replacer ingredient aimed at giving plant-based burgers a more authentic, meaty chew without any animal products. What’s the secret? Up-cycled brewer’s yeast, a sustainable, all-natural byproduct from beer brewing.

Revyve egg replacer used in the hamburger

Eggs have long been the go-to for a perfectly bound burger texture, but they come with baggage; price swings, supply chain hiccups, and animal health concerns. Enter Revyve’s egg- white-like smart solution, crafted to deliver all the bounce and bind of eggs, but made from animal and earth friendly ingredients

“The science-backed ingredients Revyve has pioneered produce the sensory appeal that consumers want in burgers,” says Cedric Verstraeten, CEO of Revyve. “Revyve delivers the meatiness and juicy firmness that cater to consumer appetites".

Revyve’s commitment runs deep. Their production avoids harsh chemicals and simplifies ingredient lists, responding to a growing appetite for transparency in food sourcing. It’s clean eating made simple and satisfying.

Image Source: Revyve -Alessa Joseph

Dutch Queen Maxima

And it’s not just consumers and chefs getting excited. Even royalty is taking notice! Queen Máxima of the Netherlands recently toured Revyve's facilities, sampling the yeast-fueled burger innovation first-hand and apparently, she loved it. Image Source:

As Revyve gears up to roll out more gluten-free and allergen-free options later this year, their vision of a cleaner, greener burger is just getting started.

Funded by big names like brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev and Royal Cosun, and supported by the brilliant minds at Wageningen University & Research, Revyve is redefining what’s possible in plant-based eating, one animal free burger at a time.

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