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UNLIMEAT Teams Up with JUST Egg to Deliver Plant Based Korean Food

UNLIMEAT, the prominent player in plant based Korean food, has joined forces with JUST Egg, the leading U.S.-based name in the plant based egg sector. The strategic partnership, solidified through a brand license agreement, is set to introduce a new line of plant-based egg products, leveraging the innovative folded egg format of JUST Egg.


JUST Egg, a division of Eat Just Inc., is a foodtech frontrunner, committed to revolutionising the global food system for enhanced health and planetary sustainability. Years of dedicated research led to the discovery that mung beans possess an egg-like scrambling quality. As a result, JUST Egg's folded egg products, derived from mung beans, present a sustainable and cholesterol-free alternative with comparable protein content to conventional chicken eggs.

In a bid to enrich their menu offerings, the collaboration will merge UNLIMEAT's plant-based meats and cheeses with JUST Egg's folded eggs.

The UNLIMEAT brand is at the forefront of plant based Korean food, has made strides with its planet-based products, which include Korean BBQ, sausages, and even vegan seafood.

UNLIMEAT Founder and CEO, Keum Chae Min says this collaboration amplifies our shared vision of a sustainable and healthy food future. '

By merging the strengths of UNLIMEAT and JUST Egg, we anticipate expanding the scope of exciting vegan choices available to consumers,' says Keum Chae Min.

UNLIMEAT & Just KIMBAP - & Tteokgalbi patty


The debut creation from this partnership is the '100% Plant Protein Bomb Kimbap, ( shown left) a unique take on the traditional Korean dish. Filled with UNLIMEAT sausage patty, cheese, and the protein-packed JUST Egg. This fusion highlights the focus on high protein content, in line with evolving consumer preferences. Following the Kimbap launch, the companies are set to launch a breakfast sandwich (shown right ) featuring a vegan Tteokgalbi patty, cheese, and JUST Egg. The vegan patty has a soybean protein base and is enhanced with umami flavour using onions, garlic, and green onions.

The sustainability-conscious ethos of both brands resonates strongly, underscoring a shared commitment to providing planet-friendly protein options.

A representative from UNLIMEAT expressed enthusiasm, stating, This alliance not only signals innovation in the alternative protein sphere but also signifies a step towards a more sustainable culinary landscape.

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