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Plant-Based Hard Boiled VeganEggs Answer To Egg Shortage -Wunder Eggs To The Rescue!

Right now in the US there is a shortage of eggs due to avian flu decimating that country's battery hen flock. So the timing for the release of this new 'taste-like' veganegg - a plant-based product called Wunder Eggs is perfect.

January '23 sees the delivery into stores and via mail to customers throughout the US.

From the 'creative genius' of Hema Reddy, Wunder Eggs have evolved in response to her move to full veganism.

"The true transformation happened when my whole carnivore family went fully vegetarian, on a journey to be vegan. It was then that I realised how much I missed eating eggs in various forms. After one and half years in development, we are proud to say that Wunder Eggs taste, feel and look very similar to a chicken egg. On top of that, they offer similar nutrition, minus the cholesterol', says Hema from her website.

plant based eggs

So what are the ingredients of the world's first plant-based hard boiled egg?

INGREDIENTS: Water, Cashews, Almonds, Coconut milk, Less than 2% of: Black Salt, Agar, Turmeric Extract, Nutritional Yeast. Contains Coconut, Almonds, Cashews

Wunder Eggs is a veganegg product which is so like the old hen based hard boiled egg you may not see or taste the difference and now literally flying out the door.

Open video in full view to enjoy a better viewing experience.

Use Wunder Eggs hardboiled the same way you'd use a battery hen egg but now without the attendant issues associated with industrialised hen farming.

plant based hard boiled eggs
plant based egg recipes

Crafty Counter's Wunder Eggs are backed by 'a mission to create products mindful of nourished bodies and in turn, mindful of how we’re impacting the environment. We are realistic and like to meet our customers where they are in their plant-based journey and invite them to be on this journey with us', says Hema Reddy.



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