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Yo Egg Drops World First Sunny-Side Up Plant-Based Eggs into US Retail

Los Angeles-based startup Yo Egg reports it's taking a giant leap in the plant-based food sector by launching the first-ever poached and sunny-side up plant-based eggs in select U.S. retail stores.

Yo Egg plant-based flowing egg benedict

Source: Yo Egg - Runny eggs benedict

Yo Egg is setting a new standard in the market, previously dominated by powdered or liquid plant-based egg substitutes. The company's offerings are designed to mimic the full egg experience, including a perfect egg white and a runny yolk, thanks to their patent-pending technology.

After a successful introduction into the foodservice industry last spring, Yo Egg is now targeting the retail sector, starting with health-conscious consumers on the west coast.

Retailing at US$6.99 for a four-pack, with plans to reduce the price to US$5.99, these plant-based eggs are made from soy and chickpea proteins, sunflower oil, and an alginate film separating the yolk from the white. They'll be available in the freezer section of select supermarkets across Los Angeles, with expansion plans across California and New York, and eventually nationwide.

Yo Egg's unique production capability is a game-changer. With equipment capable of manufacturing up to 200,00 yolks per day, Yo Egg can potentially eliminate the need for tens of thousands of hens in egg production. This efficiency not only underscores the scalability of plant-based egg farming but also positions Yo Egg as a strong competitor against traditional egg suppliers and other plant-based alternatives.

Source: Yo Egg plant-based egg recipe slider

The company's strategy to enter the market through food service before hitting retail shelves mimics successful launches by other food innovators like Impossible Foods. Yo Egg's diverse product lineup, including future plans for egg patties, hard boiled eggs, and a liquid yolk product, is poised to cater to a wide range of culinary needs, from breakfast dishes to gourmet recipes.

Beyond the appeal to vegans and environmentalists, Yo Egg aims to attract consumers with health benefits such as lower cholesterol, reduced saturated fat, and decreased sodium content compared to chicken eggs. This strategic focus on health, coupled with the environmental and ethical advantages, positions Yo Egg undoubtedly as a forward-thinking choice for consumers looking to make sustainable and healthy dietary choices.

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