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South Korean Company UNLIMEAT to Release Three Varieties of Plant-Based Tuna

South Korean-based UNLIMEAT is gearing up for the launch of its innovative plant-based tuna products.

They are releasing three distinct flavors:

  • original

  • vegetable tuna

  • red pepper tuna

These alternatives to traditional tuna are made using soybean protein to closely mimic the texture of real tuna fish meat.

UNLIMEAT new plant-based tuna range


UNLIMEAT's plant-based tuna boasts a significant nutritional profile, containing 120mg of DHA sourced from plants. All products are made from Non-GMO ingredients and are trans fat and cholesterol-free. Protein content varies across the flavours, with the original tuna containing 31g, vegetable tuna with 17g, and red pepper tuna with 15g.

Keum Chae Min, CEO and founder of UNLIMEAT says she didn't expect this level interest in the release.

'I'm pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming interest actually in the new UNLIMEAT Tuna. Korea boasts a diverse array of tuna varieties. Our endeavors led us to perfect the creation of zesty red pepper tuna and a refreshing vegetable tuna. Inspired by the popular Asian dish, Gimbap, we've ingeniously incorporated tuna. A quick fix, a mere 3 minutes in the heating transforms it into a tasty protein-rich meal'.

UNLIMEAT Tuna applications


Keum Chae Min, shared insights into the company's mission.

'UNLIMEAT emerged as a response to food waste concerns in South Korea. By upcycling surplus grains like wheat and rice, we discovered a way to create plant-based meats that cater to various global cuisines, beyond just soy and pea protein.'

UNLIMEAT already has a growing range of plant-based alternatives to beef, and pork, sold as original or with popular South Korean flavours.

With a commitment to accessibility and diverse offerings, UNLIMEAT is poised to redefine plant-based dining with its innovative plant-based tuna launch and capture ahungry for plant-based fish alternatives.

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