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Brevel Unveils Microalgae Protein Plant To Make Cheese & Milk Products

In a significant step towards sustainable food solutions, Israel based Brevel, has opened its first commercial facility dedicated to the production of microalgae protein. Spanning 27,000 square feet, South East of Tel Aviv, the plant will produce high-yield clean, non-GMO protein powder.

Algal protein powder from Brevel

Source: Brevel's Alagal Powder

Harnessing a novel technique combining light and fermentation, Brevel's facility is primed to churn out hundreds of tons of a 60-70% protein concentrate derived from microalgae. This innovation facilitates the cultivation of nutrient-rich microalgae under controlled conditions, optimizing both yield and quality without genetic modification. The result is a white, neutral-flavored powder boasting a full amino acid profile and minimal environmental impact suitable for all non-dairy applications.

"Integrating light into the fermentation process is akin to the leap made by electric vehicles," says Yonatan Golan, CEO and co-founder of Brevel. "It sounds straightforward, but mastering this was complex and crucial. This advancement allows us to leverage the natural photosynthetic properties of algae, enhancing both the nutrient content and sustainability of our product."

Source: SLIDE - Brevel - Cream Cheese from Algae and the inauguration with invited guests.

The facility is not just a production facility but also a hub for 'future food' technology. With state-of-the-art food application labs, Brevel is setting new standards in the field of plant-based alternatives. At its inauguration attended by more than 150 stakeholders, including investors, start-ups, and government officials, guests sampled a variety of plant-based cheeses showcasing the protein's ability to enrich food without compromising taste or texture.

This landmark opening marks the beginning of a global rollout plan, with Brevel eyeing expansions in the United States, Europe, and Asia through strategic joint ventures. The goal is to meet the escalating demand for sustainable, high-quality protein alternatives in a market currently dominated by soy and pea proteins.

As Brevel expands operations, it will continue to focus on delivering a product meeting the nutritional, environmental, and sensory needs of today's and tomorrow's consumers.

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