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Micro-Algae Into Mozzarella-NewFish Kitchen Break Through

Auckland, New Zealand based, protein innovation company, NewFish has literally made micro-algae into mozzarella with a little help from a kitchen Master Chef.

Releasing their break-through, via social, this group of 'protein alternative thinkers' has turned chlorella protein concentrate into one of the planet's most used 'dairy-based' cheeses - all without animal involvement.

The company says currently most natural proteins come from animals that do not factor in the true costs on our environment, and require the constant manipulation of sentient animal life. Meanwhile, many plant-based alternatives do not offer the same nutritional profile or taste as animal proteins.

So NewFish's goal is to reinstate protein abundance while protecting natural resources by creating micro-algae nutrition products and BINGO, their mozzarella cheese is born.

Source: NewFish - Chlorella protein mozzarella created by @chefvaughanmabee

Described as 'mild, stretchy & forgiving', the prototype specimen fits exactly the profile of its 'animal based' cousin - a world-class mozzarella, tasting and functioning perfectly.

This algal cheese is designed and developed by the talented Master Chef, Vaughan Mabee of Amisfield Restaurant, outside of Queenstown in the South Island's Central Otago region.

Source: Instagram - @chefvaughanmabee

Resembling a character from a J.K.Rowling blockbuster, Chef Vaughan Mabee is renowned for his innovation and high level of 'nature-based' creativity, bringing 3-HATS to the Amisfield.

Meanwhile NewFish has entered into a co-development partnership agreement with Chicago-based Socius Ingredients to commercialise micro-algae proteins and specialised ingredients targeting the active nutrition market in the USA.

'Our micro-algae technology can complement existing portfolios and allow nutrition companies to meet their expected supply deficit. Socius Ingredients is an excellent partner for us as they are experts in their field of developing protein-based solutions for some of the largest customers across the USA and internationally', says Toby Lane, CEO of NewFish.

President of Socius Ingredients, Martin O’Donovan says his company is looking forward to working closely with NewFish to develop further algae based proteins as more companies transition into the alternate protein space.

'We are looking forward to testing some of the NewFish algae protein concentrates over coming months in our R&D labs and in front of customers', says Martin O'Donovan.

Without doubt here is yet another plant-based protein innovation which began its days from the humble kitchen bench-top, this time from Queenstown, New Zealand.

Watch this space.

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