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Allen Zelden -Founder of BoldlyFoods - "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"

What do cigarette smoking, asbestos, arsenic and processed meat have in common? Read on...

They are all Group 1 carcinogens (known to cause cancer) according to the World Health Organization.

With the American Institute for Cancer Research outlining "there is strong evidence that consuming #redmeat INCREASES the risk of #colorectalcancer", and the Cancer Council Australia stating that "heating meats at high temperatures may result in the formation of mutagenic chemicals, thus consumption INCREASES the risk of cancer", it was good to see the EU introduce a food promotion policy last year labelling red meat a #cancerrisk, and budgeting €170 million to promote a greener #foodsystem by encouraging a shift to a more #plantbaseddiet.

#PlantBasedFoods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and wholegrains are packed with nutrition, and research continues to show that eating lots of them is linked with lower cancer rates.

Whilst it's heartening to see meat-pushing diets continue to rank so low globally, it's disheartening to see the US going in the opposite direction?!?

A statement from the Biden-Harris Administration released just last month revealed the US is continuing to invest millions in #taxpayer dollars to "Promote Competition and Strengthen the Nation’s Meat Supply Chain" (

AND...that was after they put forward a whopping $1 billion into the country’s struggling meat and #poultryindustry last year (

...all while they continue to spend much of the country's GDP on #healthcare, all thanks to having some of the worst health outcomes than most developed countries 🧐

Why are they failing to connect the dots?!


Allen Zelden is the Australian based Founder of Boldly Foods -100% vegan seafood launching this Summer 2023 through select foodservice partners across the USA.



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