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New School Foods Plant Salmon Tastes & Looks Like Its Ocean Cousin

New School Foods announces new seed funding of $12M to accelerate its 'go-to market' strategy for the hyper-realistic plant salmon product.

"We've recreated the structure of a salmon filet, including aligned muscle fibers, connective tissue, fats, and other components thanks to our proprietary muscle fibre & scaffolding technologies", says New School Foods.

"Our fillet tastes like salmon thanks to our proprietary flavour technology, is high in protein, and matches the same level of Omega 3's found in wild salmon"

NewSchool Foods Image

Plant-based industry commentator and Author Jennifer Stojkovic reveals she has also taken an investment in this promising Canadian start-up plant seafood business along with a bevy of high profile investors and VC companies.

Jennifer comments further about New School Foods innovative and realistic plant salmon product.

" Founded by Chris Bryson, a serial founder who sold his last company to Instacart, New School Foods has invented a new technology to create whole-cut fish fillets - made completely from plants. 🌱

Plant-based seafood is one of the most exciting categories in the future of food, as few companies have been able to crack the code on how to create a raw fish product.

New School Foods' first product cooks, flakes, and tastes just like salmon from fish.

They're getting ready to ramp up production in their newly-built pilot facility in Toronto, Canada (my hometown!) and will begin featuring with chefs on menus across North America later this year.

As an investor, I'm proud to back a fellow Canadian entrepreneur and to be joined by other stellar folks in the space, including Lever VC, Blue Horizon Ventures, Clear Current Capital, LLC, Alwyn Capital, FoodHack, & many more.

What's more, with investments from Protein Industries Canada and other Canadian grant programs, the Canadian government is in this game, too, now!

As I said in my keynote at Canada's first plant-based conference this past November, "Canada is poised to dominate in the plant-based industry. We just need to get focused!"

PFN Editors Comment: Canada is a major producer of wild caught salmon and it's interesting to note that New School Foods also has grants from Canadian government agencies, including Protein Industries Canada. It is encouraging to see government involvement in such plant food innovation as other countries in the Commonwealth block are slow to become involved.

The full story is available also at TechCrunch

Jennifer Stojkovic is the author of the best selling : The Future of Food Is Female: Reinventing the Food System toSave The Planet. BUY IT HERE





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