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Why Australia & NZ Need To Develop A Cultivated Meat Industry

By Guest Writer, Paul Bevan CEO, Magic Valley, Australia.

The development of a cultivated meat industry in Australia has the potential to provide a range of economic and social benefits to the nation.

Cultivated meat is a form of meat grown in a laboratory environment from animal cells, rather than being sourced from animals.

This type of meat production is significantly more sustainable than traditional production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the need for land to raise livestock.

Magic Valley's Cultivated Lamb Meat

The increasing demand for more sustainable sources of protein means Australian consumers are likely to embrace cultivated meat as a viable alternative. This could open up a significant growth area for the Australian economy, with the potential to create thousands of jobs in the production, processing and marketing of cultivated meat products.

The development of a cultivated meat industry would also provide a boost to the agricultural sector, as production facilities would likely rely heavily on Australian-sourced inputs such as animal cells, growth media, and other raw materials. This would create a new market for the sector and help to support farming communities across the country.

In addition, the development of an Australian cultivated meat industry could lead to the creation of new export opportunities. Cultivated meat products could be sold to markets around the world, increasing the nation’s export income and helping to drive economic growth.

Magic Valley's Cultivated Lamb Burgers

Ultimately, the development of a cultivated meat industry within Australia has the potential to provide a range of economic and social benefits. By creating new jobs and export opportunities, while providing a more sustainable alternative to traditional meat production, the industry could play a key role in the nation’s ongoing economic recovery.

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Paul Bevan is the Founder & CEO of Magic Valley, Australia's first cultivated meat company.

'Founded by Paul Bevan, Magic Valley is the first food tech in Australia looking to disrupt the US$96.5 billion global market for sheep and lamb meat with cellular agriculture. By developing cultured lamb meat, the startup wants to end the unsustainable nature of livestock farming and the ethical issues related to lamb meat production, which requires slaughtering baby sheep.

“Magic Valley’s cultured meat products will provide Australians with a slaughter-free alternative to factory-farmed lamb,” said Bevan.

“Given Australia’s excellent reputation for food safety, security and producing quality sheep, lamb was the obvious choice,” commented Bevan. Magic Valley is therefore setting its sights on becoming a leading cultured lamb exporter – it has ambitions to expand globally to China, Greater Asia, the U.S. and the Middle East.





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