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Omni Launches PB Fish Fillets In Oz On World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day is the perfect opportunity to remember overfishing and unsustainable fishing practices are putting our oceans at risk, and OMINI Foods is making a difference.

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Currently close to 100-million metric tonnes of fish are hauled from Planet Earth's oceans each year with many species all but fished out. There is also the fish waste issue. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, says global marine by-catch may range from 7 to 27 million metric tons annually, but this figure remains inaccurate due to 'spurious' reporting methods.

Now OMNI launches PB fish fillets in Oz on World Ocean Day. By choosing plant-based seafood options, OMNI Foods can help to reduce the demand for seafood and protect our oceans for future generations. This makes sense!

The award winning OMNI Golden Fillet is launching officially in partnership with Hunky Dory, the iconic fish & chips restaurant chain in Australia.

OMNI Foods Plant-Based Fish Fillet _planet+food+news

Source: OMNI Foods

Hunky Dory is serving two delicious dishes featuring the OMNI Golden Fillet in their Hunky Bowl and The New School offerings.

Omni Foods Golden Fish Fillet_planet+food+news

Source: OMNI Foods

Experience a healthier and more sustainable seafood option today at Hunky Dory, and taste the difference with OMNI. Now you too can make a real difference to the health and fisheries of our oceans.

Watch this video about OMNI Foods complete plant-based fish range.

For more information on OMNI Foods Australian offering CLICK HERE.

Check out Hunky Dory



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