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The Pulling Power of Fable's Shiitake Is Back at Guzman y Gomez

In response to overwhelming customer demand, Fable Food Co.'s pulled shiitake mushroom is back on the menu at Guzman y Gomez, now available across all 186 of the chain’s locations throughout Australia. This week marks the relaunch, featuring the enticing "Herbed Mayo Pulled Shiitake Mushroom Taco" as a highlight across the menu.

Guzman y Gomez Fables Food Co. Pulled Shiitake

Source: Guzman y Gomez Fables Food Co. Pulled Shiitake

The reintroduction comes after a hiatus leaving fans clamoring for their favourite mushroom dish to return. The customer passion was evident, leading to a flurry of viral TikToks, passionate online petitions, and persistent social media engagement. “The obsession GYG guests have with the mushroom is REAL! I’ve never had so much feedback about a menu item and as always, we listened and it’s back and better than ever,” says Steven Marks, Founder and Co-CEO of Guzman y Gomez.

Michael Fox, co-founder of Fable Food Co.

The shiitake mushroom's return is not just a win for its fans but also a reflection of the aligned values between Fable Food Co. and Guzman y Gomez , dedication to quality, freshness, and exceptional taste. "Their food is outstanding, clean, fresh, amazing value, and fast. My kids love it, my wife loves it, I love it," says Michael Fox, co-founder of Fable (shown left) who dined out at GYG's Maroochydore restaurant on the weekend.

With the pulled shiitake now also featured on GYG's breakfast menu, enthusiasts can savour this great mushroom in their brekkie burritos or tacos, or even alongside guac on toast, from morning till night. The initiative is a testament to Guzman y Gomez’s commitment to responding to customer feedback, ensuring that their dining experience is both satisfying and directly influenced by their preferences.

For more information about Fable's pulled Shiitake mushroom product CLICK HERE



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