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The Naturally Good Expo Update Fascin8Foods Partners with Plant-Based Distribution

At The Naturally Good Expo in Sydney, Fascin8Foods has teamed up with Plant-Based Distribution, Australia's premier distributor of plant-based products.

This strategic alliance positions Fascin8Foods favourably in the competitive food service marketplace, providing an invaluable platform for the startup to amplify its market reach.

Plant-Based Distribution stand

Source: Fascin8Foods

The collaboration aims to extend the reach of Fascin8Foods' innovative "Froom" range, a line of plant-based foods crafted from mushrooms, across Australia in both retail and food service sectors.

"Froom’s inclusion in Plant-Based Distribution's portfolio is a pivotal moment for our company as we strive to bring our wholefood range to a broader audience," says Jenny Joseph, CEO of Fascin8Foods.

FROOM on Plant-Based Distribution stand

Source: Fascin8Foods

The Froom range, known for its environmentally friendly attributes and health benefits, includes a variety of products such as plant-based mince, balls, and burgers designed to cater to vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians alike.

The partnership highlights several benefits of the Froom range by leveraging mushrooms, known for their minimal environmental footprint, Fascin8Foods emphasises its commitment to ecological responsibility.

Froom products are minimally processed, free from artificial flavours, colorants, soy, and gluten, promoting a healthier lifestyle through the natural goodness of mushrooms.

The FROOM range is designed to enhance culinary creativity without the need for additional processing, saving time for both chefs and home cooks.

Source: Fascin8Foods Slider with a selection of dishes using the FROOM range.

This is a significant step in Fascin8Foods' expansion efforts but also highlights the growing demand for sustainable and health-conscious food options in Australia.

As the plant-based market continues to thrive, partnerships like these are pivotal in making sustainable and healthy food choices accessible to more people nationwide.

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