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Steakholder Foods & Wyler Farm Team Up to Bring Tasty Plant-Based Meat to Market

Big news for fans of plant-based meat! Israel's Steakholder Foods is partnering with local firm, Wyler Farm to bring delicious, plant-based pre-mix proteins to market in return for royalties. This new agreement is set to transform how the planet enjoys meat alternatives, moving Steakholder Foods from the lab to the home dinning table.

Starting in July, Wyler Farm will begin producing a variety of plant-based meat products using Steakholder Foods’ protein premixes. Expect to see mouthwatering burgers, meatballs, and minced meat hitting shelves soon, all crafted to be as tasty and satisfying as 'old world' animal meat.

Source: Images by Steakholder Foods.

“This collaboration is a game-changer for us,” says Arik Kaufman, CEO of Steakholder Foods. “We’re turning years of research into products you can enjoy at home. It’s about bringing the future of food to your table today.”

Wyler Farm, a big name in alternative proteins, will ensure these products are of top quality and available everywhere you shop. Their expertise means you can look forward to a wide range of tasty, high-quality plant-based options.

“Our partnership with Steakholder Foods allows us to expand our lineup with exciting new plant-based meats,” says Oleg Kulyava, CEO of Wyler Farm. “We’re thrilled to bring these innovative products to consumers, making plant-based eating more delicious and accessible than ever.”

And there’s more to come! The companies are also working on a follow-up agreement to produce a full range of 3D-printed meat products.

This partnership is all about delivering tasty, health-conscious, and sustainable food options. With products mimicking the texture and flavour of animal meat, Steakholder Foods and Wyler Farm are making it easier than ever to enjoy plant-based meals without compromising on taste and all 100% Earth friendly.

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