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Steakholder Foods Unveils Plant-Based 3D-Printed Eel

Israeli based, Steakholder Foods, a global leader in 3D meat and fish printing technology, has launched the world's first plant-based, 3D-printed eel.

Source: Steakholder Foods -3D Printed Eel

This product is a testament to Steakholder Foods' advanced capabilities in replicating complex textures, using precision layering and a unique blend of materials. The plant-based eel, which is expected to eventually incorporate cultivated eel cells, stands as a potential game-changer in the seafood industry.

The company says the eel printing process is notably more efficient, reducing the quantity of ingredients typically required in plant-based alternatives. Strakholder is now exploring collaborations to commercialise its eel product by providing proprietary 3D printers and ink.

This approach is expected to enable mass production of 3D-printed eel at competitive prices, addressing the cost challenges posed by the global eel market. The global eel market, valued at $4.3 billion in 2022, is primarily dependent on wild eel, with Japan as a major consumer.

Source: Steakholder Foods -3D Printed Eel Slide Show

The live eel industry faces critical challenges such as over-exploitation, risk of extinction, breeding difficulties, and regulatory hurdles. Steakholder Foods’ plant-based eel presents a sustainable alternative to address these issues.

Arik Kaufman, CEO of Steakholder Foods, says the launch marks a pivotal moment in the seafood industry. He emphasized the potential of their DropJet technology in enabling the production of a variety of printed products, potentially on an industrial scale.

'This technology could lead to more efficient, sustainable practices, and increased profitability for food companies', says Arik Kaufman.

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