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Tech Whiz Swaps Code for Smoked Plant-Powered Salami Sensation!

US, Green Wolf Foods is redefining the charcuterie board with its innovative Vegami, a true vegan delicacy offering the bold zest of plant-powered salami without the animal meat.

Green Wolf Salami

Source: Green Wolf Salami

Green Wolf Foods' founder, Alex Volkov

In a remarkable shift from the tech world to the realm of plant-based gastronomy, Green Wolf Foods' founder, Alex Volkov, ( pictured left) a former software developer, is pioneering the future of vegan snacking with a genuine smoky twist.

So good is the product it's been crowned Winner of 2023 World Plant-Based Innovation Awards.

Vegami is crafted from a medley of wheat protein, succulent veggies, robust greens, and earthy mushrooms. Each roll is 'kissed' by applewood smoke for 6-8 hours, infusing it with a rich flavour.

'It's a product honest to its core with no lab gimmicks, no unwanted extras, just wholesome plant goodness', says Alex.

Green Wolf Foods Salami Platter

Source: Green Wolf Foods

The creation of Vegami isn't merely a business move; it's a bold statement in a world where plant-based alternatives are becoming ever more crucial for health and environmental reasons.

With its reduced fat, sodium, and calorie content, plus a protein punch, Vegami stands as a testament to what happens when plan’t-based innovation meets creative intention.

Alex Volkov's journey from coding to kitchen is as colourful as the flavours of Vegami. His pivot from AI to plant-based alchemy is not just a personal transformation but more a culinary crusade.

Green Wolf Foods Tomato Salami

Source: Green Wolf Foods - Tomato Salami

'First and foremost, our family name, Volkov, translates to 'of the wolf.' This connection runs deep within us, and we feel a profound bond with this majestic and enigmatic creature. Wolves have long been revered across cultures, symbolizing loyalty, strong family ties, effective communication, wisdom, understanding, and intelligence', says Alex Volkov.

As the world leans into the plant-based revolution, Green Wolf Foods is not just riding the wave, they're making waves with Vegami, one smoky slice at a time.

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27 nov 2023
Valutazione 5 stelle su 5.

Not only is Vegami not FrankenMeat, it also tastes delicious!

Mi piace


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