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Solar Foods Boosts Solein Production, Paving Way to Dairy Cow Replacement

In a major breakthrough for sustainable food technology, Finland's, Solar Foods has announced a significant real-time up-scaling in the production of Solein, its 'protein made from air and electricity product. The company's newly operational bioreactor at its head quarters in Vantaa, north of Helsinki, the Finnish capital, is now producing 450 kilograms of Solein powder daily, a major shift to commercial-scale production.

Solein - Protein Bioreactor

Source: Solein - Protein Bioreactor

This advancement is particularly exciting as it equates the bio-reactor's output to the daily protein yield the equivalent of 300 dairy cows, meaning Solein as a viable alternative to traditional animal-based proteins. The move from limited-edition snacks volume to full-scale food products volume will potentially revolutionise the protein industry by offering a high-grade, environmentally friendly alternative.

Solein Powder drying facility

Source: Solein Powder drying facility

"Solar Foods is committed to transforming the global food system with this scalable and sustainable protein source," says Pasi Vainikka, CEO of Solar Foods by way of social media. "Our bioreactor's capacity to churn out such a significant amount of protein each day is a game changer, allowing us to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly and nutritious food options."

The protein, is produced using a process capturing carbon dioxide and combining it with water and electricity, is not only sustainable but also highly nutritious. With this large-scale production capability, Solar Foods is ready to partner with major food producers to incorporate Solein into a variety of food products.

Solein - Protein from air powder.

Source: Solein - Protein from air powder.

Industry experts are keenly observing how Solein's integration into mainstream food markets will unfold, as it offers a promising solution to the challenges of food security and sustainability.

With its minimal land, water, and energy requirements, Solein represents a significant 'Earth Friendly' step forward in the challenges of planetary sustainability.

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