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Solein - Electrical Air Protein In The Hands Of Acclaimed Chefs

Dateline Singapore - Finnish based Solar Foods unveils Solein for the first time in public following regulatory approval from the Singapore Food Agency.

How can one not be excited by the prospect of Solein electrical air protein in the hands of acclaimed chefs as invited guests get to participate in what conceivably is an historic event ?

The mandate is to create 'future food' - today - with full freedom to use the novel ingredient for curating an entirely original menu with Solein as the star ingredient.

Led by Michelin-starred chefs Oliver Truesdale Jutras (left top) and Chef Mirko Febbrile (left bottom), the menu features a curated selection of dishes embodying the myriad of virtues contained within Solein.

Right Pic 'Out of thin air -Solein Singapore

Source: Solein Event preparation taking place in Singapore Thursday 25th May, 2023

Chef Oliver Truesdale Jutras says his team explored new cooking methods prior to the event with the intention to bring to life familiar tastes with an innovative twist. Their menu offers a look into the versatility and functionality of Solein from pasta, to sauces, to egg substitutes and even to bread.

Source: Solein “We cooked with Solein and a lot of local ingredients. It was exciting because we get to play with flavours really familiar to Singaporean cuisine, but at the same time experiment and introduce Solein as something that’s entirely new and wild and never seen before anywhere”, says Chef Oliver Truesdale Jutras.

Check out this video of the kitchen team preparing for the big day.

Source: Solar Foods

The Singapore public tasting comes hard on the heals of the announcement by NASA that Solar Foods product, Solein - air to food or more accurately carbon dioxide to food protein product has made it through to Round two of the Deep Space Food Challenge. Following strict criteria all competitors must create foods that are safe, nutritious, and tasty, be produced with minimal resources, and result in minimal waste.

“We are exhilarated by this great honour bestowed upon us”, says Arttu Luukanen, Senior Vice President of Space & Defence at Solar Foods who has led the team participating in the challenge.

“Not only have we learned a great deal about how to integrate our technology in the astronauts’ life support system, but coming from outside of the current space cluster the visibility of this achievement also gives our space activities a significant boost. Furthermore, this success confirms our work in developing a space food application is on the right path. Now our journey continues to phase 3 where we will be again advancing our technology.”

The Solein product is undoubtedly aiming for the stars, as it holds the potential of securing a coveted spot in the culinary lineup for upcoming lunar missions and, in the not-too-distant future, even ventures to Mars.

We will cover full public reaction as soon as it comes to hand.

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