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Solein Goes Sichuan Chinese at Singapore's Chengdu Bowl

Chengdu Bowl Singapore signage

In a culinary move blending tradition with futuristic sustainability, Chengdu Bowl, has expanded its menu to include two innovative dishes from Sichuan cuisine made with Solein. From a culinary perspective this is a major step towards integrating sustainable practices into traditional food preparation methods.

Solein is the microbial protein developed by Solar Foods, which is produced from electricity and carbon dioxide, making it a product quite literally “out of thin air.” This revolutionary ingredient received its inaugural novel food regulatory approval in Singapore in September 2022, setting the stage for its inclusion in mainstream cuisine.

Operated by QuantFood, Chengdu Bowl places a high emphasis on using locally sourced ingredients and offering healthier dining options. The integration of Solein into its offerings responds to the increasing consumer demand for foods not only nutritious but also have a minimal environmental footprint.

Solein Protein powder

“Sustainability remains a fundamental aspect of our operation. We are excited to announce our partnership with Solar Foods, (Solein powder pictured left) as it aligns perfectly with our commitment to having a positive impact on both humanity and the environment,” says Stella Wang and Ma Jie, co-founders of QuantFood.

The restaurant’s new vegan offerings, which are Solein-powered interpretations of the classic Mapo Tofu and the traditional Sour and Spicy Soup, promise to maintain the deep and authentic flavours characteristic of Sichuan cuisine. At the heart of these dishes is Mala seasoning, a blend of Sichuan peppercorns and chili delivering a unique numbing spice sensation, central to the appeal of these culinary creations.

Source: Chengdu Bowl - Slide Mapo Tofu and Sour and Spicy Soup

Shilei Zhang, CCO of Solar Foods, says bringing futurism into the ingredient lineup is exciting. "This is precisely how we envision the role of Solein, to aid in the preparation of delicious, familiar flavours with an innovative and forward-thinking approach. What we have here is a classic dish re-imagined with a futuristic ingredient", says Shilei Zhang

This collaboration marks yet another instance of Solar Foods’ protein being featured in Singapore’s innovative culinary scene. Last year, Solar Foods and The Lo & Behold Group, a prominent hospitality company, hosted a tasting event at Fico, showcasing the potential of Solein in contemporary cuisine.

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