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World First Chocolate Gelato Made From Thin Air On Sale in Singapore

Singapore-based restaurant Fico is making waves in the culinary world with what can be considered an historical achievement; gelato made from from thin air using the Solien* product.

In collaboration with Finnish food tech company Solar Foods, Fico is now selling a world first chocolate Gelato made from thin air, revolutionising the way the world perceives icecream let alone sustainable food.

Solein chocolate gelato made from 'thin air'

Source: SolarFoods

Solar Foods says what makes this achievement truly remarkable is it marks the first time in history food produced without any reliance on photosynthesis or traditional agriculture has been made available to the general public.

'By replacing dairy with Solein*, Fico's Solein Chocolate Gelato eliminates the need for animal products, offering a glimpse into a future where familiar tastes and textures are preserved while food arrives on our plates in a completely new and sustainable way', says a company spokesperson.

Solein*, hailed as the world's most sustainable protein, is a novel microbial protein developed by Solar Foods. Following regulatory approval in Singapore in September 2022, Solar Foods presented its innovative creation to the public through an exclusive tasting event held at Fico, in Singapore last month. See this story HERE.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Solar Foods and Fico demonstrates the potential of innovative food technologies in addressing the global challenges of sustainability and environmental impact.

Fico’s Chef-partner Mirko Febbrile says It is a remarkable opportunity to be the first chef team in the world to introduce a one-of-a-kind ice cream.

Source: Solein - Fico’s Solein Chocolate gelato available from their seaside kiosk window.

'It combines the familiar delicious taste we all love with a unique ingredient produced without relying on traditional agriculture. Replacing dairy with Solein in this chocolate gelato, we were able to craft a vegan ice cream without compromising on its creaminess” says Chef Mirko.

“As a chef, I believe strongly in making food sustainable and responsible. Solein opens up opportunities for us to reimagine the food chain in a way that benefits our planet, without compromising the dishes and flavours we love.”

Indeed the gauntlet is being thrown down to 'old world' dairy-based milk and icecream producers as 'new proteins' begin to transform the world.

More information on Solein CLICK HERE.


What is Solein?

  • Solein is a microbial protein-rich powder that contains all the essential amino acids. It can be used to replace existing proteins in a variety of foods, for example in alternative dairy and meat, different snacks and beverages, noodles and pasta, or breads and spreads. It is the first ever novel food disconnected from the limits of traditional agriculture. This type of production method has the potential to transform the sustainability, availability, and transparency of what we eat and where food can be produced.

  • Solein is produced using a bioprocess where microbes are fed with gases (carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and oxygen) and small amounts of nutrients. The bioprocess resembles winemaking, with carbon dioxide and hydrogen replacing sugar as the source of carbon and energy, respectively.

  • Solein is 65-70% protein, 5-8% fat, 10-15% dietary fibres and 3-5% mineral nutrients. The macronutrient composition of Solein cells is very similar to that of dried soy or algae. Solein provides iron and B vitamins and is exceptionally functional. Solein can be used with a wide variety of other ingredients: it vanishes into foods and doesn’t change the taste of familiar, everyday food products.

  • The production of Solein is not reliant on agriculture, weather, or climate: it can be produced in harsh conditions such as deserts, Arctic areas, even space. The process does not require animals or photosynthetic plants, making Solein the world’s most sustainable protein.

  • Solein will become available for commercial use for the first time. It is aimed at food brands looking for nutritious, functional, and sustainable protein ingredients of consistent quality that can be reliably delivered for their products. Singapore was the first market to grant Solein regulatory approval, but Solar Foods is also seeking authorisations in other markets across the world.

  • Factory 01 is Solar Foods’ first commercial production facility and will begin to produce Solein in 2024. Construction of the facility started in Vantaa, Finland during Q4 2021. Factory 01 will take Solein production to commercial scale. Solar Foods has plans to expand its network of production facilities in the coming years.


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