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Doing It Again ..Steakholder Foods Launches 3D-Printed Shrimp!

In an innovative leap forward for the seafood industry, Steakholder Foods, a global innovator in cultivated meat and 3D bioprinting technology, has unveiled the world’s first plant-based, 3D-printed shrimp.

Steakholder Foods - 3D Printed Shrimps

Source: Steakholder Foods - 3D Printed Shrimps

Designed to closely mimic the taste and texture of its ocean-based cousin , these shrimps were crafted using Steakholder Foods' advanced DropJet printer, designed for its precision in fish and seafood printing.

Based in Rehovot, Israel and at the forefront of the 'new meat' revolution, the company focuses on developing alternative meat products aligned with global efforts to strengthen food security, reduce carbon footprints, and conserve natural resources. This initiative resonates with their commitment to the UN Global Compact and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The shrimp market, valued at USD 68 billion in 2022, is expected to grow steadily more than 5% annually from 2023 to 2030.

Responding to this demand, Steakholder Foods' innovative 3D-printing solution aims to offer a sustainable and efficient alternative to conventional shrimp farming. Their high-volume production is geared to cater to the growing market needs while remaining environmentally friendly.

Arik Kaufman, CEO of Steakholder Foods, says it's another major milestone for the company.

"With the introduction of our second plant-based, 3D-printed seafood species this month, we are excited to position Steakholder Foods as a key player in the expanding global seafood market. Our DropJet printer, set to be sold and delivered in 2024, will enable our partners and customers to benefit from these innovative seafood solutions, marking a significant step towards sustainable and responsible food production", says Arik Kaufman.

Steakholder Foods - 3D Printed Shrimps

Source: Steakholder Foods - 3D Printed Shrimps

Steakholder Foods' commitment to creating cultivated meat products, such as beef and seafood, without industrialised farming and fishing, makes them as a pivotal player in the evolving landscape of global food production.

Their latest offering of 3D-printed shrimps not only highlights their technological capabilities but also their dedication to fostering a more sustainable and ethical food industry.

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