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Forsea Foods Unveils Cell-Cultivated Eel, Aiming to Save Wild Populations

In a groundbreaking move, Forsea Foods Ltd. has unveiled its first prototype of cell-cultivated eel, marking a significant step towards conserving global wild eel populations.

The Israeli start-up has successfully replicated traditional Japanese unagi eel (Anguilla japonica), mirroring its tenderness and rich flavor, used in many Asian and Western cuisines.

ForseaFoods cultivated eel

Source: Forsea Foods Cultivated Eel

Collaborating with Tokyo's SAIDO restaurant, voted the world's best vegan restaurant in 2019 by Happy Cow, Forsea Foods aims to really revolutionise the culinary world. Together, they are introducing traditional Japanese dishes made with this cultivated eel, blending the art of cuisine with innovative technology.

Chef Katsumi Kusumoto of SAIDO Restaurant

Chef Katsumi Kusumoto of SAIDO (shown left), alongside Forsea Foods, has developed popular dishes such as unagi kabayaki and unagi nigiri, showcasing the potential of this sustainable alternative.

Forsea, winner of the Startup Pitch Hour Prize at the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit, has mastered the sensory attributes of eel meat and is now focusing on scaling up production.

"Forsea is at the forefront of combining high-quality Asian cuisine with pioneering technology,” says Roee Nir, CEO and co-founder of Forsea.

“Our cultured unagi will provide consumers with an authentic seafood experience without further straining aquatic life", says Roee Nir.

Source: Forsea Foods -Cultured Eel

This innovation is not just a win for foodies but also for ocean conservation. Over-fishing has pushed eels to the brink of extinction, exacerbated by high demand and illegal trade.

Forsea's cell-cultivated eel is a nutritious alternative, free from antibiotics, hormones, and ocean pollutants.

Forsea's use of organoid technology in crafting 3D microtissues allows for a simplified, scalable production process. This method overcomes industry challenges, easing supply bottlenecks and reducing production costs.

With plans to commercially launch in 2025, Forsea Foods is targeting strategic partnerships in Japan, Asia, the EU, and the US.

This initiative promises a sustainable, abundant supply of eel, a delicacy cherished globally, while contributing significantly to ocean and freshwater conservation efforts.

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