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Mind Your Temper Wins Big with Vegan Bonbon at 2024 Food Awards

An extraordinary triumph for vegan confectionery, Mind Your Temper's Black Forest Bonbon, clinching the Supreme Champion title, the Leefield Station Outstanding Food Producer Award 2024 sponsored by the Life and Leisure Magazine.

Stunning judges and chocolate aficionados alike with its flawless taste and quality the award highlights not only the excellence of Mind Your Temper's confectionery but also marks a significant milestone in the recognition of vegan food products in New Zealand's culinary landscape.

The Black Forest Bonbon, ingeniously combines the rich taste of plant-based chocolate with the tantalising flavours of the classic Black Forest cake, was praised by awards' judges as being "faultless." The bonbon's exceptional gloss, shine, and developed flavours were specifically recognised, illustrating the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative approach of Mind Your Temper, a Christchurch-based chocolatier, Nel Vincencio (shown below)

MInd Your Temper

Source: Mind Your Temper

Nel Vincencio, the creative force behind Mind Your Temper, says he was delighted by the recognition. "People often have preconceived notions about vegan food and we are thrilled to challenge those ideas and show plant-based treats can not only match but exceed traditional options in taste and quality," says Nel Vincencio.

The awards brought to light the incredible journey of Mind Your Temper, from its origins at a humble market stall to becoming an up and coming brand known for its dairy-free chocolate delights. Using premium organic and fair-trade ingredients, including Dominican Republic and Peruvian cacao and Canterbury-grown Whiteheart hazelnuts, Mind Your Temper is setting a new standards in the confectionery world.

Source: Mind Your Temper Slideshow of gorgeously amazing vegan Bon Bons

For those eager to experience the award-winning taste, Mind Your Temper's chocolates are available online, at Ballantynes Department Store in Christchurch, and at select locations across the region.

This accolade is not just a victory for Mind Your Temper but a real testament to the growing appeal and acceptance of vegan products in New Zealand's culinary scene, boding well for a promising a future where delicious, sustainable choices are readily to everyone.

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