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Gen Z's Quirky Culinary Craze Hits ANZ With Bacon Milkshakes & Wasabi Chocolate Trends

In a unique twist in culinary trends, the flavours of teriyaki, matcha, and gochujang (Korean chilli paste) are setting the pace for Australia and New Zealand's evolving taste preferences especially among the GenZ demographic.

Ai depiction of GenZ's eating and drinking in a cafe

Source: PFN Ai GenZ enjoying food and drink in a cafe.

Kerry's 2024 Taste Charts, a comprehensive analysis derived from a year-long research across 13 regional markets, highlights these flavours as key influencers in the ANZ food and beverage sectors.

The research maps out mainstream, key, and emerging tastes across various categories, offering a detailed glimpse into the flavours and trends shaping the future of food and beverage innovation.

"Consumers are eager for new taste experiences, inspired by global travel and culinary exploration," says Soumya Nair, Kerry Global Consumer Research and Insights director. "In these rapidly changing times, unique flavour combinations are emerging, offering brands a chance to capitalise on rising trends".

In Australia and New Zealand, international cuisines are increasingly shaping consumer preferences. Teriyaki, for instance, has moved from an 'Up & Coming' flavour to a 'Key' player in the Savoury category. Meanwhile, matcha and gochujang are making strides from 'Emerging' to 'Up and Coming' along with pickle, in both countries' taste charts.

Avinash Lal, Kerry Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa Market Research & Consumer Insights director, says, "Young consumers are craving bold and unusual flavour combinations, influenced by social media and a quest for novelty." This trend paves the way for unique sweet-savoury pairings, like bacon (plant-based ?) milkshakes (plant-based ?) and chocolate bars with wasabi, and innovative plant-based alternatives like mushroom jerky and jackfruit rendang.

Source: PFN Ai Flavour trends slider

Other notable trends include the rising popularity of yuzu in various categories and the growing appeal of cheese flavors like aged vintage cheddar and blue cheese. Smoke & Grill profiles remain mainstream, with specific smokes like mesquite and hickory BBQ gaining traction.

Citrus and fruit flavours continue to trend, with raspberry maintaining its mainstream appeal and cherry rising in popularity. Among citrus flavors, lime remains a favorite, while blood orange and calamansi are up-and-coming.

Source: PFN Ai Berries, Citrus and Wasabi Chocolate

"The APAC region is a vibrant tapestry of flavours, shaped by cultural traditions, emerging trends, and evolving consumer preferences," says Soumya Nair. "Consumers are rediscovering their culinary heritage, seeking unique regional ingredients and flavours." This trend is evident in the popularity of calamansi-infused yogurt in the Philippines and black sesame latte in Japan, signaling a broader movement towards diverse and bold flavour profiles in the region.

It's clear Gen Z's adventurous spirit and global influence is reshaping the food flavours landscape, inviting the 'bold-ones' to savour a world of new taste experiences.

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