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CacaoLess Chocolate WNWN Transforms Branding into WIN-WIN

In another 'change of colours' within the plant-based products sector, WNWN Labs, the UK-based innovator behind the sensational cacaoless chocolate, has announced a strategic rebrand to "WIN-WIN." The rebranding signifies not just a new name but a continued commitment to sustainability and innovation in the food industry.

Dr. Johnny Drain, CEO and Founder of WNWN Labs, shared insights on social media into the rebranding, "What do you think? WNWN has had a rebrand and become. WIN-WIN. A small semiotic shift, but the same two syllables. And still the same fermentation-powered cocoa-free choc," says Johnny Drain. This change continues to underscore the company's ethos and its innovative and revolutionary approach to food production.