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It Took 48 Hours to Grow Chicken Breasts for KYNDA's Mycoprotein Tacos

In what was considered impossible as little as 5-years ago, Germany based, KYNDA has successfully cultivated mycoprotein 'chicken breasts' ratcheting-up the global food revolution by making mycoprotein tacos.

"We’re innovating the future of food…starting with tacos," says a KYNDA's social post, showcasing their new mycoprotein chicken.

After just 48 hours of fermentation in their 1,000-litre bioreactor, KYNDA harvested high-quality mycelium, the root structure of fungi, which mimics the texture and flavour of chicken breast perfectly. These mycoprotein chicken breasts were then used to create delicious Tuesday night tacos, offering a sustainable and tasty alternative to 'old world' animal meat.

KYNDA - Mycoprotein Grown Chicken Breasts

Source: KYNDA - Mycoprotein Grown Chicken Breasts

KYNDA's innovative mycoprotein is not only a complete source of essential amino acids but also boasts a rich umami flavour and texture, making it an ideal choice for those seeking 'Earth Friendly' food. Moreover, it aligns with KYNDA’s commitment to clean labeling and sustainability, as well as being free from all novel food regulations.

“This achievement is something we’re super proud of as a team. We can’t wait to discover even more recipes, produced quickly and sustainably using ingredients fermented locally in our plug-and-play bioreactors,” adds KYNDA.

Their proprietary technology transforms agricultural by-products into mycoprotein, benefiting both the food and pet-food industries.

With their innovative fermentation process, KYNDA produces mycoprotein rich in fibre and protein within 48 hours, far outpacing traditional methods. A single 10,000L bioreactor can yield the meat equivalent of 380 chickens in just two days, utilising minimal feed-stock and resources.

KYNDA - Mycoprotein Grown Chicken Breast Tacos

Source: KYNDA - Mycoprotein Grown Chicken Breasts Tacos

This process not only presents significant advantages in terms of product quality and cost but also addresses pressing environmental and food security challenges. In the US alone, 75% of crop biomass is underutilised. KYNDA’s technology unlocks the potential of this biomass, contributing to a sustainable bio-economy and meeting the needs of a growing population.

KYNDA's mycoprotein offers several benefits: a meat-like texture, rich umami flavour, high protein and fibre content, and clean labeling. The fermentation process is versatile, scalable, and environmentally friendly, capable of transforming agricultural by-products into nutritious food, thus promoting a circular 'Earth Friendly' economy.

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