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TiNDLE Foods Launches Stuffed Chicken & Barista Oat Milk at Expo West 2024

In a major expansion of its plant-based offerings, TiNDLE Foods has launched two new products - TiNDLE Stuffed Chicken and TiNDLE Barista Oat Milk. Both will be showcased at the next weeks Natural Products Expo West 2024.

TiNDLE Barista Oat Milk & Stuffed Chicken

Source: TiNDLE

TiNDLE, known for its delicious and convenient plant-based chicken and sausage products, is making its foray into the non-dairy space with its barista oat milk. As well, the company releases its stuffed chicken pockets, available in flavours like Chicken Parmigiana and Garlic & Herb, promising a versatile and enjoyable cooking experience for home chefs.

This year's Expo West attendees will get an early taste of these offerings at Booth #4905 in Hall E, from March 14-16. The products highlight TiNDLE’s commitment to quality, taste, and innovation in the plant-based sector.

Furthermore, TiNDLE continues to expand its U.S. retail presence, now partnering with Price Chopper Supermarkets on the East Coast. This growth allows more consumers to experience TiNDLE’s plant-based chicken, sausages, and the newly introduced breakfast sausages, available in savory and spicy options.

TiNDLE Foods range

Source: TiNDLE

Timo Recker, CEO of TiNDLE Foods, says the brand remains focused on its mission towards a sustainable food system. “As we introduce more innovative foods, including our entry into the dairy category, we remain committed to offering delicious plant-based options that meet consumers’ needs across different grocery aisles," says Timo Recker.

TiNDLE Foods is setting a new standard for plant-based eating, offering quality and convenience to eco-conscious consumers.

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