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Vegan Eats Cultivated Chicken, Wait For The Unexpected Response

Vegans worldwide are facing both moral and philosophical dilemmas. 'Should I eat cultivated meat?'

Source: @Merle O'Neal

This writer is yet to be confronted with the question after more than 30 years without tasting beef, lamb of pork.

So here is what happened but not before a fair amount of trepidation, fear and nervousness was experienced.

This taste test occured in Singapore's Hubers Butchery, who are selling certified cultivated meat produced by GOOD Meat.

This five-year vegan's fascinating experience trying cultivated meat for the first time sheds light on the product's appeal to diverse consumer preferences.

The video showcases the exclusive availability of cultivated chicken at Huber's solidifying the company's pioneering position in the sustainable and ethical food movement.

The partnership between GOOD Meat and Huber's Butchery marks a significant step forward in the cultivated meat market, supporting a greener and more innovative future for the global food industry.

For more information CLICK HERE for GOOD MEAT

and HERE for Hubers Butchery.



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