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From Heaven To Hell New Cauliflower Icecream Flavour Tempts The Devil

Kiwi start-up EatKinda, fresh off their recognition as finalists in two categories at the NZ Food Awards, is introducing a new flavour of their pioneering cauliflower ice-cream in HELL Pizza outlets across New Zealand.

The plant-based dessert, known for its creamy texture often leaving customers convinced it's dairy-based, will now be offered in Chocolate Swirl flavour, expanding upon the existing Strawberry Swirl cauliflower icecream variety already available at HELL.

EatKinda Cauliflower Chocolate Swirl (left) & Strawberry Swirl (right)

Source: EatKinda - Cauliflower Chocolate Swirl icecream, left and Strawberry Swirl, right

The new flavour will be presented in a home-compostable container, marking a significant step towards the brand's sustainability goals and achieving a first-of-its-kind status in the industry.

A remarkable aspect of EatKinda's ice cream lies in its use of cauliflower that would otherwise go to waste due to superficial imperfections. The creation of this commercially viable product represents a global first of its kind.

EatKInda Founders Jenni Matheson & Mrinali Kumar

Conceived by Jenni Matheson (pic left) and Mrinali Kumar (pic right), the venture has swiftly evolved from kitchen experimentation to widespread production, facilitated by a collaboration with HELL earlier this year.

Mrinali Kumar is excited by the Chocolate Swirl launch, due to the immense demand leading to swift sell-outs during their initial partnership with HELL.

'We are often told by people who taste our products for the first time that they’re mind blown, so we can’t wait to share the new flavour with HELL customers and blow some more minds', says Mrinali Kumar.

HELL's Marketing Manager, Siang Tay, emphasises the innovative and distinctive aspect of transforming cauliflower into luscious plant-based ice-cream, underscoring the alignment of this concept with HELL's dedication to quality. The initial collaboration saw overwhelming success, with a planned six-week stock lasting merely three due to high demand.

EatKinda Cauliflower Icecream

Source: EatKinda

The newly introduced home-compostable container is a dual innovation. It is both the first of its kind in Australasia's ice-cream category and devoid of plastic components, making it genuinely compostable in home environments.

The alliance between EatKinda and HELL PIZZA seeks to revolutionise the ice cream industry, uniting cutting-edge science and technology with sustainable and animal-free treats. HELL Pizza, a long-standing champion of plant-based options and sustainability, is a fitting partner in this venture.

For more information, visit EatKinda.



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