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Dutch Dairy Co. Boermarke B.V. Shakes Up Industry, Paving The Way For Global Shift To Full Vegan

In a monumental shift for the Dutch dairy industry, Boermarke which has sent shockwaves through the global dairy sector by committing to go fully vegan.

The 30 year old company is orchestrating the transfer of its dairy operations to another local dairy company, Zuivelhoeve, steering towards an exclusive vegan product lineup set to be available across Europe under its Vairy brand.

Boermarke Vairy brand

Source: Boermarke

This unprecedented decision comes on the heels of an astonishing 800% surge in Boermarke vegan dairy production over a mere three years, underpinned by escalating demand for plant-based alternatives. This meteoric increase is a clear testament to the shifting consumer preferences toward sustainability and ethical consumption.

Acknowledging the discerning EU consumer base seeking a distinct separation of dairy and vegetable production processes, Boermarke is leading the charge toward an unadulterated vegan product line.

Since the launch of their plant-based brand, Vairy, headlined by a tantalizing coconut yogurt in 2015, the company has continuously innovated, now boasting an extensive range including vegan cheese and ice cream.

Boermarke plantbased products

Source: Boermarke

Presently, Boermarke's vegan offerings are on the shelves of 80% of Dutch supermarkets and major grocery chains in Germany. With their ambitious expansion plans, the market reach of their vegan products is set to extend across the entire European continent.

This bold and pioneering move by Boermarke B.V. is not just a game-changer within the Dutch borders; it sends a resounding message to traditional animal-based dairy companies worldwide.

As the company embraces a fully vegan approach, it paves the way for a global paradigm shift, compelling traditional dairy companies in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond, to reevaluate their strategies and consider aligning with the growing demand for plant-based alternatives.

Boermarke has lit the path to a sustainable and compassionate future, and the world is watching closely as the global dairy landscape undergoes a transformation of unprecedented proportions.

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